Tuesday 24 December 2013

renew and re-use

as y'all know i'm a firm believer in using things that are tried and true rather than buying new stuff - with the exception of underpants. nothing will induce me to wear second-hand bloomers.

so when my son discovered a 1967 Landrover for sale i pricked up my ears. for expeditions to the bush i'm much happier in something that can be fixed with a piece of no.8 wire than something that requires its computer to be reprogrammed if the battery has gone flat.

rumour has it 90% of Landrovers ever built are still on the road; like the original VW they're a good basic piece of kit.[and yes i AM aware that some people think they need constant repair. i'm of the view that good maintenance and respectful use contribute substantially toward vehicle longevity]
so let me introduce Edgar

named for the late writer [and former Anglican monk] Edgar Woods Castle
gorgeous, gaunt, tall and snowy haired,

who used to greet me in the main street of Mount Pleasant with
"darling... how are you!"
and then pronounce to any hapless passer by "i've been in love with this woman for thirty years!"

a slight chronological exaggeration
but most warming to the heart
especially as his voice was rich and deep [imagine Leonard Cohen with a British accent]
i miss him.
[i missed his funeral too, by one day, returning too late from goodness knows where]

Edgar the Landrover's engine has just such a comforting rumble
and i bet Pa would be pleased...he had a soft spot for old Landrovers


  1. Looks lovely -- have happy travels in Edgar! I, too, prefer old stuff, especially clothes...but also not knickers or stuffed animals or sheets & pillowcases. Happy Christmas to you, dear India!

  2. HOORAY!
    Great for tossing some cauldrons in the back & a bunch of rusty metal this-n-thats ...

    might need a dog ;>]

  3. My first trip in a landrover was to Koonamore in the University landrover circa 1953, what a trip sitting jammed in the back on metal seats.
    Wouldnt be allowed now.

  4. I dare not show my big boyo this as I fear he will leave me and seek adoption *elsewhere* .... some kids may dream of playstations or x-boxes.... he has dreams of old land rovers and land cruisers (our land cruiser almost made it to the 1 million km mark.... original engine! the sassy boyo is figuring out when he can have a stab at getting it back on the road...) I'm sure edgar will become a trusted steed!

  5. What fun!
    My youngest son is currently restoring my late father's landrover (1960)!!

  6. My Son also owns at least two of them at this count…or maybe they are land cruisers…nothing of that vintage tho….Merry and Happy to you and Edgar.

  7. Edgar looks yare. Merry Merry xo C

    1. what a delightful Elizabethan epithet...actually, Edgar is far from light and will improve the muscle tone in my arms substantially. No power steering so I will be working hard...and loving it!

  8. i can imagine you and edgar on a 'toot'! happy christmas!

    1. thank you and trusting yours is splendid too. Edgar isn't hooting just yet...needs a new horn!

  9. I have happy Landrover memories. May you have many adventures in Edgar. Happy Christmas, India.