Saturday, 21 December 2013

PayPal SchmayPal

after a phone call, six emails and hours spent searching for documents, copying them and uploading them to PayPal i am apparently still under suspicion. even though my account page says i have complied.

perhaps they think my whirled-wandering involves training people in nefarious activities [note the bit about "politically exposed persons". i rarely expose myself, preferring to dress [as my children put it] in things that resemble small Bedouin tents and if i did expose myself, it would not be to politicians. so there.

or maybe they want blood? DNA? perhaps my grandmother's left index finger? that last one could be tricky, she was buried in 1987. and i'm not sure i want to disturb her slumbers. and my other grandmother was cremated and later sprinkled around the farm dam. maybe i could scrape up a soil sample?

clearly i was not cut out to be a shopkeeper and it is just as well this has happened now, and not when i eventually launch the promised limited edition publication as it would have made a right dog's breakfast of the distribution process. [thank you, those of you who have suggested other means of accepting payments, i am exploring possibilities]

meanwhile i'm going back to the sewing room. it's nice and quiet there.

wishing merry everything, good health, abundance and happiness to y'all....and if anyone still wants to buy anything i have made [via the interpixies, that is] FarFetch is presently your only option.


  1. some time later....apparently my account has now been restored. but once bitten....and so very firmly bitten....

    1. I hope you will persevere... At least until you get something else in place. Exchanging money for goods when in different countries can be so difficult. Well... This breath is the one that counts... Happy solstice Christmas and all. Hugs!

    2. india,
      if it's any consolation, i've been put through the same steps with paypal - they do it with anyone who has a sudden and high influx of cash - so consider it a backhanded compliment.
      if you have further issues with paypal, please feel free to let me know - there's a few of us with contacts inside paypal who are happy to help.

  2. Oh India, we are on wet and windy (delicious) Kangaroo Island as is our wont for Christmas,but John is sittng at the other end of what should be a dining room table, covered in computers, printers and stuff, I am on the tiny notebook so letters tend to get left off.
    Any way he, who is supposed to be on holiday is wresting with farm finances, who to pay and who loses out this month, will we still have the farm in 12 months? who knows, and if any thing is to wrong it will!
    So your paypal problems are I would say typical, what can go wrong will.
    Your sewing room sounds like a much nicer place.
    No ferry in the afternoon yesterday here, cool and gale force winds yesterday and overnight and lots of rain, just hope some comes our way eventually, the rain that is.
    Have a lovely break and time with family over Christmas.

  3. What a complete bummer... Glad they didn't ask for a grandmother's finger, seeings how it might be rather hard to produce. Good luck from here on.

  4. Well for pete's sake, what a bunch of valuable time wasted with bureaucracy [ie their dart throwing & your hula-hooping]. If that were my studio there'd probably be spit on the walls by now! Sorry for your troubles.

    Personally, I think you'd make a fine shopkeeper and I think its a big bummer nice folks can't be wearing I.F. originals all because some online bank completely tips its own rails & goes overboard with stupidity.

  5. oh India, what a big drama on a little fish (ie business wise) when there are certainly much bigger fish to be caught and fried.... so sorry this has happened to you... your workroom is a place lots of us would like to retire too....

  6. Glad your account is restored India but what a palaver for nothing! Fortunately your sense of humour is still in tact. Bedouin tents.... lol .... children!

  7. Crikey! Got a paypal business a/c ten years ago, and the most difficult part was driving to the post office to get a bank letter which had a fifteen cent deposit in it and racing back down the hill to enter that in the final bits. Though I must say, paypal is a wonderful and user-friendly way for people to pay for things- try and persevere, or get your daughter to do it! Even old hippies in the bush now use the net, (that could be me) often saves visits to hell. Have you considered doing some on-line workshops? There are many who would appreciate this- different to reading a book, discussion and feedback helps. I certainly would pay a goodly sum for some inetractivity in exploring new dyeing methods, and most important, re-enforcing the beauty and value of cloth and stitch. cheers with a gin coctail, Sue Fisken.

  8. What an exhausting experience. I'll sell your work on my site anytime and pay you via Xoom. xo C

  9. My love affair with Pay Pal ended abruptly, when I tried to ship something to a different country…(I'm based in Australia, but temporarily reside in Europe, plus I have family in many places). No go, your billing address has to be in the same country as your shipping address is…unless you ship to US! Crazy, huh?

  10. my cousin had £400 taken out of her halifax bank account by her paypal account for an online gambling debt which she had NOT incurred. when she remonmstrated with paypal that it was fraud they ignored her. luckily halifax sorted it out for her, but she won't touch paypal with a bargepole now. I only use it for a few small things, I don't do much retail sales, (because all has to be made to order which takes up to 8 weeks) but those I do I use paypal for at the moment. it is useful to have some money laid by for buying things ... and yes, an online workshop and advice on dyeing would be a very wonderful thing, India, I would do it like a shot, and I am FULL of questions I wouldn't want to bother you with otherwise!!!