what i'm working on now....a to do list inspired by Derek Sivers

working on my School of Nomad Arts

preparing for an exhibition in New Orleans in March , one in Scotland in June and another in England in August!

spending time with my dog

doing a drawing a day (trying to) and a lot of stitching

still trying get better at playing my sax

chipping away at the reading pile

smelling the roses

sitting quietly to observe the sunsets (when it isn't raining, because I have to walk up a hill to do so)


breathing in and breathing out

updated March 1, 2019

the idea of a 'now' list is snowballing, so much so that a site to gather 'now' lists has been formed
you can find it here


  1. Wow, nice to see it in words! Derek Sivers to do list and yours is a good inpiration! I think that might be the most important lesson I saw you living in Scotland. The theme Being T(here) is one in so many layers, I'm still unpacking the bundle of lessons you gave us! You might like it to her Afke Post and I had a lovely day together, and planning working together more often.

    1. it's good to have a list...people sometimes wonder why i say my dance-card is pretty full, though there may be few workshops on the calendar. and it's good to remind myself, too.

  2. i like lists xxxx lists like me xxxx being listless leaves me feeling listless xxx long live lists xxx

  3. ah, listing always to one side or other, and then trying to complete them. crossing off one item is always good. i will look over your hints above. might need some help.