Monday 21 December 2015

Want to be among the first to know?

The San Francisco class announced yesterday filled in less than four hours, which was a bit of a surprise and I had quite a few emails later from people who had missed the announcement. I tried managing an email list years ago but most of it bounced back and what didn't bounce back ended up in spam filters (it seems having "India" as a name isn't always an advantage) so I've created a Facebook group for those who would like advance notice of future classes.

It's called "India Flint wanderings and workshops" and you can either ask to join via FB or if you prefer, send me an email via the contact page on my website and I'll add you in. I'll admit was dragged kicking and screaming into Facebook by a workshop organizer who insisted I catch up with the modern whirled. I'm not always comfortable there but it does have its uses.

and if you're already corresponding with me then slinging me a line through the usual channels will be just fine.

By joining the group you'll have at least 48 hours advance notice of classes (except where the organizer has their own mailing list) before they are put up on my website so your chances of getting into one should improve markedly. Will I see you there? I hope so!

Sunday 20 December 2015

being there by the Bay (and some paeonies)

last week i helped my Ma to tick something off her bucket list.
last night i decided to tick something off my own.

Ma was keen to see paeonies blooming in abundance in lovely Aotearoa (so was i, quite frankly). so we went.
it was absolutely wonderful, but more of that later on.

the thing i'm ticking off my bucket list, is a workshop in San Francisco

as those of you who know me are aware
though i have been utterly and irrevocably in love with San Francisco since 1976 
(i love you too, New Orleans, you know that...but only since 1983) 
i have avoided giving a class there and kept the Bay area as a kind of sacred space.

now i have decided to be generous and share my love. it is time.

the poetics of place : being (t)here on the Bay

Join me in one of my favourite places in the whirled, for three delightful days exploring the exquisite poetry of plant-derived colour on paper and cloth.
We will gather leaves and words, make experiential drawings, print and dye paper and cloth and explore the translation of drawn marks into stitch. From these investigations we will form a series of beautiful folded books that will map our experience of place and through our understanding of landscape we develop a deeper familiarity with our selves.
The lapping waters of San Francisco Bay, the cries of the waterbirds and the splashings of the seals will combine to make songs for our hearts and provide background music to colour our readings.  
 As usual there will be good food, wine and chocolate. I am carefully curating a lovely collection of materials so you won't need to bring a thing other than some comfy walking shoes, "clothing that doesn't matter" and a cheery smile.
there'll only be nine places. keeping it small and intimate so that i am able to spend time with you all.
please email me for for detailed information

and now back to those paeonies.
they were utterly glorious.

 my Ma having a fine old time

 there's nothing quite like a G+T while prone in the paeonies

and if you really truly love them
you can buy this farm

Thursday 10 December 2015

end of year report

back in the dark ages this was the time of year at which the dreaded school report was handed out

"would do better on the sports field if she spent less time daydreaming and more time paying attention"
"untidy exercise books with too much doodling inside and out"
were the sorts of comments i came home with back then
i wanted to share these two installments about a recent class with you
before i do
shall confess that the author is a friend of mine
(as well as being as amazing knitter of socks and a splendid maker of lemon delicious puddings and also marmalade)

just so you know

i do love staying at Crockett Cottage Studio (where the workshop described above was held)
and so does Kubbi
we won't be there next year but with a bit of luck may be back in 2017 or 18
it really depends on what the Dogs Above toss at us

Saturday 5 December 2015

i've been tossed a beautiful bouquet!

just as I was thinking I'd have a quiet and cold July at home between exhibitions (in the UK and the USA) and taking up my residency at the Arid Lands Botanic Gardens...I was tossed a beautiful and fragrant bouquet in the form of an invitation to teach at the organic flower farm tended by Raquel Trejo and her partner Andrew at Scotts Head on the mid-north NSW coast.

Raquel has been my student several times, both in Australia and in New Zealand. I immediately said yes "so long as I am given a leave pass from the farm". Happily that pass has been issued 

so it is with great joy and delight that I am able to tell you there will be a 'being (t)here' retreat here in Australia in July 2016.  details below, in Raquel's poetic language...I should mention that the being (t)here class to be held at Beautiful Silks in November 2016 filled by word of mouth before it had been published to the whirled, so if you're interested, do please drop Raquel a line sooner rather than later

being (t)here

Mid North Coast, NSW,  Australia

July 2016

Journey with India Flint to a place where beauty is part of simple living and living is simply beautiful.  Spend five days being (t)here, on a little biodynamic farm, on a river, by the beach. Explore by thought and by foot the forest and the farmland of this stunning part of the mid north coast of New South Wales where the rivers wander to the sea.

Meander with India in cloth, stitch and locally gathered plant dyes on a country lane of drawing, writing, mark-making and paper-folding, to make a small and intricate workbook mapping the journey of time shared, a hand stitched cloth to enfold it, and a hand twined cord to wrap around it.

Contemplate the honesty of country life with the making and stitching of an apron, thrifted from an old shirt, with pockets for books and poems and places to tell stories, and a tsunobukuro bag to keep it safe.

There will be music and silence, poetry and times of deep listening, experiential drawing and the gathering of gorgeous nothings. Be nourished by our biodynamic vegetables fresh from the farm gardens, home baked and raw treats (with occasional tastes of real Mexico) provided by your host Raquel, and India will share her love of cooking by making a pot of soup for lunch each day.

“Turn on, tune in, drop out “ with India in an intensive masterclass focused on the deep experience of being (t)here. Places are exquisitely limited.

Dates: July 18th to 22nd, 2016
Venue: 923 Scotts Head Road, Scotts Head, NSW 2447


Thursday 3 December 2015

simple beauty

celebrating the month of twinkle lights and Sagittarian birthdays by giving y'all a present.
leafprinting in a nutshell.
simple is beautiful.

and it's as simple and beautiful as that.
if you'd like to go deeper
i would of course be delighted if you'd buy the Bundle Book
attend a class sometime
(there's one on Sunday at Poet's Ode)

and while we're on the subject of beautiful
i've gathered together the words you kindly gave

put them in italics and begun to acquaint them with others
there are so many different paths that might be followed,
here is the first one that ensued.

i try for kindness
though i am restless
and would rather meander
through luscious gardens
with time to ponder
the meaning of bespoke
with gratitude
despite confusion
hoping for an epiphany
 with zeal
 and love
never losing hope
for serenity
and connectedness
awaiting the dawning
and the murmur of magic
that particular moment
in which to advocate joy
for now
i fly
up and beyond
seeking peace
in the precious dusk

thank you for sending me these seeds of writing.