Sunday, 20 December 2015

being there by the Bay (and some paeonies)

last week i helped my Ma to tick something off her bucket list.
last night i decided to tick something off my own.

Ma was keen to see paeonies blooming in abundance in lovely Aotearoa (so was i, quite frankly). so we went.
it was absolutely wonderful, but more of that later on.

the thing i'm ticking off my bucket list, is a workshop in San Francisco

as those of you who know me are aware
though i have been utterly and irrevocably in love with San Francisco since 1976 
(i love you too, New Orleans, you know that...but only since 1983) 
i have avoided giving a class there and kept the Bay area as a kind of sacred space.

now i have decided to be generous and share my love. it is time.

the poetics of place : being (t)here on the Bay

Join me in one of my favourite places in the whirled, for three delightful days exploring the exquisite poetry of plant-derived colour on paper and cloth.
We will gather leaves and words, make experiential drawings, print and dye paper and cloth and explore the translation of drawn marks into stitch. From these investigations we will form a series of beautiful folded books that will map our experience of place and through our understanding of landscape we develop a deeper familiarity with our selves.
The lapping waters of San Francisco Bay, the cries of the waterbirds and the splashings of the seals will combine to make songs for our hearts and provide background music to colour our readings.  
 As usual there will be good food, wine and chocolate. I am carefully curating a lovely collection of materials so you won't need to bring a thing other than some comfy walking shoes, "clothing that doesn't matter" and a cheery smile.
there'll only be nine places. keeping it small and intimate so that i am able to spend time with you all.
please email me for for detailed information

and now back to those paeonies.
they were utterly glorious.

 my Ma having a fine old time

 there's nothing quite like a G+T while prone in the paeonies

and if you really truly love them
you can buy this farm


  1. Oh India, this is an if only reply, both to peonies at Aotearoa and a class at my favorite city as well. Not to be but I can enjoy them through the Internet.

    1. isn't it splendid, the way we can fly through the air on the magic carpet of the internet?

  2. Replies
    1. i love them. there might even be some available (at very least in the flower shops) in San Francisco in May!

  3. A thousand thank yous for a magical trip and the bliss of being (t)here!🌟🌟🌟

  4. oh, these lovelies. and your san francisco date, i so wish!

  5. the paeonies have taken my breath away!

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  7. oooh paeonies are one of the most luscious flowers ever, that many all at once would be paradise on earth