Monday 20 October 2014

(still) in place

am delighted to say that

my work
will be staying there indefinitely

'elegy' is a poem written in bones
so far wind and weather and passing animals
have not effected any great change

i'll stop in from time to time
to give it a reassuring pat
read it a story
document how it is responding
to being there
in place

Sunday 19 October 2014

the solace of north

i've been wandering

taking some visitors to country
that is quite unlike the place where they live

it's a long way there

but worth the trek

my role was driver and camp cook
and keeper of the flame
feeding the wood stove in the kitchen 
and the donk that heats the water for the showers
[the visitors very kindly took on the washing up]

but in between i still found time for writing

and for drawing on and with country

on the seventh day
i left the visitors in Port Augusta
to make their way to other things
and went north again
this time a little west
past a lake of crystal salt

for a few days quiet work at the Observatory
where i found
six contributions for the Solace project
already awaiting me
all the way from the UK and the USA
as well as closer to home

Sunday 5 October 2014

back country, back story

if you click on the image above it should take you to the Moleskine site
where you can read the back story to back country online

when i receive my print copies
of which there will only be three
i will be annotating them in pencil and ink
one for the gallery
one for me
and one to go across the seas

Friday 3 October 2014

coming soon

i've been working on the booklet
promised to participants in the Second Skin classes
that will take place in lovely Mansfield, Victoria
in November this year

which contains explicit step by step instructions
on how to print on cloth and paper with leaves

string me a story on shapeshifting
will be 32 pages of ideas
jumping off-points
sketches and photographs

i'm hoping Second Skin participants will add to their copies
by writing extra notes in the pages
perhaps even tipping in a few extra ones
adding their own drawings
the odd swatch
other inspirational images
so that it becomes a highly personal working tool

this will be a strictly limited edition
100 copies only
numbered and signed

testing the water for that other publishing idea
that i floated a while ago

and Sidnee?    i owe you a dress [as well as the first copy of the above]
...those pix i shot of you in Portland last year 
have been getting a hammering
i think we need to do another photo-shoot
in New Orleans
now that would make a fabulous publication
just sayin, is all