Thursday 26 December 2013

i made y'all something special for Christmas...

back in January of 2011 i set up a few experiments in order to test a theory about the alchemy of archaeology. the first results were unpacked in the middle of 2012
and now
right at the end of 2013
i've put together a book.

quite a few of you have asked for online classes
but somehow i couldn't yet bring myself to do that
so, being a little old-fashioned, i've written this little book instead.

it contains a technique you can do even in the smallest of apartments
and that i think you will want to do over and over again.

i was thinking about the mould problem that occurs while we wait patiently for bundles to ripen
and about the chewing-and-running-away-with problem that has popped up when certain puppies decide to play
and about how hard it is to wait
we secure our bundles in such a way that they look so gorgeous we will be able to resist
and the good thing is that this process produces brighter results from those delicate anthocyanin-rich leaves

stuff, steep + store
is 48 pages, 10 x 8 inches so it fits easily in a bag
costs a good deal less than it does to attend a workshop and you can read it in the bath.


  1. What a completely nifty gifty! Merry Christmas, India!

  2. My, my, you have been busy over yonder ;>D
    Merry Christmas to meeeeeeeeeeeeee ....

    and Thank You! xo

  3. i've placed an order, and anticipate quite impatiently.

  4. OOhh goody another Xmas present for me.

  5. Mercy....a very thoughtful helper, the book!

  6. ohhh how exciting! I hope you made a lot of copies, I have to wait for my next paycheck!

    Happy Holiday's!

    1. the brilliant thing is that they print on demand...meaning they'll be available into the foreseeable future :)
      they do all the wrapping and posting as well!

  7. Just placed my order....a belated Christmas gift to myself. Hope the postie hurries!

  8. just ordered it too! hooray, thanks so much for this, India, it looks beautiful as well as useful. I ordered it on the uk website, I wonder if they print it in the UK too? or will it have to come all the way from Australia, like the Silky Merino? quite frustrating living in the UK and reading your blog (although fascinating and I am really loving it) there are so many things that are NOT available. I do have a little e.gunni waiting outside the back door to be planted in my garden though! just have to work out the place to put it. it won't get a chance to outgrow my native trees, I will be hammering it for leaves! of course my main beef is that I really can't afford/spare the time for a visit to NZ in April to take part in that workshop that was under-subscribed ... I fantasized about going to japan to see friends and customers, and flying on .... but it's no good ... can't be done .. one day!

  9. What a fun exciting thing for Boxing Day! I just ordered my copy! Thank you for all the work in putting the book together - it looks fantastic. Can't wait to see it!

  10. i ordered mine on christmas day .......merry christmas to me ( :

  11. Just ordered mine, can't wait to read it!! Thank you India for sharing all your knowledge.

  12. Ordered and anticipated! Thanks!

  13. Oh, and thank you so much for using the word "y'all." Bonus points for spelling and correct usage!

  14. Perfect! I must ask Bruce if he will get me a copy to go with my new "Eco Color" he gave me for Christmas.