Sunday, 21 April 2013


 it was a bit sad
bumping out 'muddy waters'

fortunately i had other work to do

eucalyptus magic
never fails to delight


  1. i'm vexed that i didn't get to see that one. i loved the photos. i'm playing with some long treasured eucalyptus on arches this morning...and the scent is heady in my house.

  2. Sweet visions of a collaboration with Mother Nature. Beautiful! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  3. Someday I will get to see one of your shows in person..until then, thanks for posting such great pics! Tina

  4. hopefully that bit of euc magic will reappear somewhere else? where it will likewise delight the locals

  5. It is amazing that eucalyptus can leave such vibrant beautiful imprints.
    I scrolled down and I love all your 'earth' images... textured and nature's wonderful colors.

  6. Hi India eucalyptus magic on proud display at wellington airport at the moment. Caught flight to South Island last week and discovered new WoW advertising featuring Susan Holmes's Gondwana on the air bridge to the plane. Such a lovely note to leave and arrive home on. Trust all well. Best wishes Philippa

    1. fantastic...i think that dress was made from cloth i sent her a while back

      i'll be swinging through Auckland airport on my way to SFO next week, fingers crossed there's a WOW ad there as well, i'd like to see it