Thursday, 18 April 2013

a special 'botanical alchemy' event

those of my readers who have met me
will know that cooking is a passion of mine
alongside my more public pursuits

so when an email came out of the blue
enquiring whether i would like to give a class
at gorgeous Glenmore House in NSW
[on the edge of Sydney]
 famed for kitchen gardening and seasonal cooking days
and for fabulous lunches prepared by proprietor Mickey Robertson
i was delighted and said YES please
[especially as, serendipitously, i was planning to be in the region in any event
to meet with my publisher, on the way home from Queensland]
in this one-day retreat
we shall be dyeing soft wool travel wraps
with leaves from the property
and making a lovely Tsunobukuro bag in which to keep them
while Mickey cooks us a delicious lunch 
please click here for the link to the booking form 

and if you are wondering what's on the plate in the picture
it was today's breakfast
toasted spelt bread
piled with a mix of yoghurt, spring onion, basil, dill, danish fetta
garnished with tiny slices of fresh chili
and more dill.




  1. Oh I do like the look of the Horn Bag though I must say it does sound a wee bit Kath and Kim. x te

    1. which is why i stick with the Japanese noun.

  2. nice .. all things turn out according to the big plan

  3. Oh my mouth is watering from your description ...I must try to get back there some day. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  4. The enjoyment of a beautiful meal is part art and part life. Lovely combination.