Wednesday, 24 April 2013

packing for the pond hop


i am supposed to be packing for the pond hop
but have been momentarily diverted, thanks to my new friend Jane Flower
who not only organised a wonderful workshop in the west
but kindly took the time to teach me a book structure i was curious about

i'm thinking i might make one for the Haystack auction
[lucky me, i'm attending session 2 there as a student this year]

i rather like this binding
it's addictive
and you can keep going for as long as you want

except that i had better get back to packing
speaking of which
thanks to those unspeakable cowards who misused perfectly good pressure cookers last week
my travelling dyepots [of the plug in kind]
are retiring.

i have no wish for cross-examinations by airport security.
[they take excessive interest in my luggage as it is and they can get very cross]

so i'm thinking of bringing this little chap out of hibernation
he runs on methylated spirits
provided i let the flame burn out to the very end
and pack each of the components separately in my back pack
[so i can explain, rather than having my suitcase torn apart]
it won't pose a risk

and now to re-home those spiders...


and in the good old days, i might have taken one of these


  1. the addictive nature of coptic binding? tell me about it! (my looooong book is still growing..... now reaching over 5m in 'length'.... I suspect it will soon become home for sams creek arachnids...)

    1. i met a Chinese artist [while i was in residence at Zvartava, in Latvia] whose specialty was in having silkworms crawl over him and build a silk web whilst he lay motionless [and naked] for days on end
      having spiders build a web over a book would be far less ticklish

  2. maybe because I'm tired, or maybe because your work is magic, but when I looked at the first picture...I thought I was looking into a canyon..until I looked closer and realized it was pages of a book! That was so cool!

  3. as cute as the portable writing desk may be, I think a smartphone or tablet is a little bit more handy. you can always get back to the portable writing desk as soon as electricity and gasoline are gone and the journey across the pond will again take months instead of hours ;o)
    I wish you luck getting the cute stove through airport sec. and travel well.
    nemo ignorat aka Uli

    1. I've checked online and is apparently ok in suitcase!
      Fingers crossed...

  4. Have fun, waiting to hear the next adventures.
    Where is the pig baby?

  5. I'm not too sure about your new old traveling companions, they look decidedly ominous.......congrats on the Haystack experience!

    1. thanks, i'm delighted to be heading back [for the third time in as many years]...but this time as a student.

  6. meanness is far reaching, is it not.

    1. meanness, cowardice, bitterness.

      things we can all do without.

  7. Oh, of course... another thing that might not be able to travel with us. Book looks great... can't quite see the binding, coptic?

  8. you put a lovely slant on my favourite binding (love the way it opens so flat)

  9. you've entered (the) neverending coptic stitching................
    a good place to be!

  10. We have a camping cooker that works like this. they are great. I am amused by the pile of graters in the background.

    1. i love my graters...good for bundling and even better when lined up on a table with tea-lights in side, a trick i learned from my friend John Parkes

  11. How sad that you must change everything to avoid harrasment! It is a very messed up world that we live in. My Mother, who recently died, was the queen of pressure cookers and I immediately thought about her when they were mentioned!