Thursday, 11 October 2012

unexpected paperwork

last night i absentmindedly used the Cleveland wandering map
[kindly provided by Christine]
as a coaster.
i didn't want the condensation running down the side of my glass
to mark the lovely floor in my treehouse

this morning i thought i might go for a wander
and went to dream over the map

which was thoroughly stuck together.

now when this kind of thing happens in the movies
[or when somebody goes to surreptitiously steam open correspondence not intended for their eyes]
they simply whip the offending item over the steaming kettle
and within seconds the problem is solved.

in this instance
the problem was DIS-solved
- clearly the producers of the map have designed it to decompose quickly in the event of irresponsible tourists dropping said item in the Cleveland landscape.

note to students in the up-coming paperdye class : if you were thinking of bringing a local map to include in your work, don't.

stick with undyed, unprinted papers please...