Friday, 12 October 2012

warming ever more to Cleveland

i'm daily warming more and more to Cleveland
it's a wonderful place with an incredible diversity of interesting architecture

[this one looked to me to have Louis Sullivan's style, reminding me strongly of the Wainwright Building in St Louis]

there are masses of beautiful trees [even a 'Latvian Garden' which has a sculpture called Mara's Akmens - meaning Mara's Stone - that happily for me shares a name with my godmother]
then there's that lovely lake that changes colour seemingly by the minute
and fabulously friendly people [even at the bank] who offered heartfelt personal welcomes to their town

today Christine Mauersberger kindly drove me around 
so we could run a few errands together before the Shapeshifter class begins tomorrow
and gather a few more supplies [but this below wasn't one of them]

Heinen's at Rocky River blessed us with an abundance of bouquets

i visited the whirled renowned Morgan Conservatory to have a look at the workshop area prior to our class there next week

and i fell in love with yet another rusty bridge

and found poetry nearby

with my initials in it


  1. It was a good day and one I will not soon forget.

  2. Glad you're getting to explore Cleveland a bit and spend time with Christine. Hope the workshops go well for you.

  3. A beautiful place and beautiful people indeed. Glad you are enjoying yourself. Thanks for everything.

  4. i found cleveland to be such a surprise. i'd heard, but once there it was so different from buffalo, the great lake city i know from college.

  5. I thought it was a Sullivan, but alas it's a great sullivan-esque Style. The Rockefeller commissioned building is brilliant but is not a Sullivan.

    1. good to have that confirmed...but it DID turn my head!

  6. This is a great time of year to the winter months I am afraid of how you might respond to the brutality of Winter's woes. We have a Louis Sullivan building here in downtown Newark,OH. How much longer are you here in America? Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

    1. i'm here for a month or so yet, but flying south on Saturday...november in the magnolia trees [even though it isn't blossom time]