Wednesday, 10 October 2012

more cleveland

i am so fortunate to be in the hands of the superbly capable momma bear extraordinaire
who not only organised four classes in Cleveland
found me a tree house
hung my exhibition [guided by handwritten notes from a cardboard box]
is fixing delicious lunches
collected me from the rental car depot [and has ferried me all over, even diverting for coffee in the mornings]
and today took The Precious
[the youngest of The Three] to the airport, so she could head back to dance school in Oz.

not content with all that
she gave The Precious an exquisite blouse on which there were many beautiful stitches.
[i could become seriously accustomed to this rockstar lifestyle]

that picture is a tad gloomy

here's a better look

meanwhile the students were beavering away

good times.
great students in the class
loved catching up with Lotta and Kelly again


  1. Good stuff... India, the rock star!

  2. It has been my extreme honor and privilege to be your Cleveland guide and to have found the tree house for you. Furthermore, I am over the moon to have shared breathing space with your precious one. She is a treasure and, unhappy as I was to have to see her off, I was momentarily transport to a surreal place to spend a few more moments with her. I would do this over a thousand more years for only you. Blessings and love. C

  3. Although I am terribly envious of the folks that got into this class (I was on the wait list), it makes me even more thrilled that I have the extra anticipation of playing with you on Madeline Island next July!

  4. Now that is one exquisite blouse! I'm inspired...

  5. oh, lucky precious one! and lucky mum.

  6. What wonderful things are happening with the second workshop! Hope Mother Nature was more cooperative.

    And there's that exquisite shirt with Christine's stitching that fit your Precious so well. Sigh...

  7. Lovely lovely should be proud! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

    1. give them a pot and stand back...magic happens.

  8. Looks like you Rock Stars are Rocking IT OUT!!!