Sunday, 7 October 2012


the fall foliage is glorious here in Cleveland
as are the stars underfoot

the Dogs Above have smiled upon us and
our dyed samples flutter like prayerflags in the breeze

the squirrels have left us a few walnuts
the challenge was to combine
a walnut + cloth + string
and see what happened.


  1. Wow. packing my bags as we speak. see you soon!

  2. I've seen pics from christine and pics from jennifer..... sooooo may sights of deliciousness....

  3. did you ask squirrel permission? in my experience they're very greedy (but also forgetful).

  4. walnut, cloth and string looks quite spectacular, I SOoOoO need to try that!

  5. walnuts are plentiful on my land so if you need a few more come on down to Newark,OH and have as many as you wish! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  6. Dear India
    I have just bought your book 'Eco Colour' and I am reading it from cover to cover, enjoying it so much! I have done some dyeing in the past with hedgerow fruits and garden vegetables. I am in the uk, so too far away to come to your amazing workshops. If I have any technical questions is here a good place to pose them?
    Have a good week
    Sue xx

    1. the answers to most technical questions [well, the answers that I would know] are probably already covered in Eco Colour and the follow-up book Second Skin so by purchasing one of them [thank you] you are halfway there already :o)

      I was in the UK last month and will be teaching in Scotland in August details on my website...