Saturday, 5 June 2010

getting misty

lovely to be back in foghornLand again
even if good coffee is hard to find

but what's alum doing on the seasoning shelf?

and who eats this?

or this?


  1. Is this why they call it foghorn land? It reminds me of the term foghornleghorn, for a type of chook, I think.

    It's extraordinary what you csa find on supermarket shelves and, like you, I wonder who'd eat it.

  2. really, i eat, er, oreo pudding and he-man cereal for breakfast daily! really, though, what the teenagers i teach eat for breakfast is scarier--poptarts and mountain dew is the norm.

    welcome to another season, india.

  3. well i'll be buttered on both sides!
    i find wandering through the supermarkets is huge fun. they have amazing things here like bags of brightly coloured sugary stuff packaged bulk size like cat crunchies but it appears to be cereal too.

    and we don't have the luxury of 2litre bottles of Bombay gin at home, so that looks like a very appropriate souvenir...

    Elisabeth, the foghorns are singing here in San Francisco, making their whale music out on the bay. i love em, makes me want to go down to the waterside and blow low Bflats on a Sax...but that might conjure up some crazy chickens.

  4. :) mjamm alum!

  5. Having some great fun with that batphone, I see :>]]

    Welcome, welcome to the west coast & to San Francisco which is sounding very Mark Twain-like (his quote: "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.") I'm only 900 or so miles north of you at the moment and its sunny here, so why don't you rent a snazzy convertible and head up Hwy. 1 - bring the gin!

  6. Cookies and Cream Jello? That is worse than choc-flavored fizzy drink.

  7. mmm, i'd quoted Mr Samuel Clements famous lines to my youngest before we came
    the funny thing is
    it's foggy on the bay and sunny on Washington Square

  8. oops there should be an apostrophe after 'Clements' i think...

  9. thanks india, this made me giggle today xx