Sunday, 6 June 2010

through the looking glass and straight down the rabbit hole

i love this place
the architecture is fantastic
the city is full of amazing stairways
folks grow flowers on the sidewalk
[in Adelaide those daisies blooming in the gutter would have been
blasted firmly with a glyphosate spray long since]

you can take Toto into a store if you want
rather than leave him outside

unless he has other plans
and wants to sit in the sun on Vallejo while you get coffee at Caffe Trieste
[frankly the only coffee in town that's worth the drinking]

need a new pair of SquirrelPants? find 'em on Columbus.

not a perfect fit? alteration man will help

and there are some nice old ponies in the street

it's taking rather a toll on the shoe leather though
we seem to have covered more ground than
the car chases in Bullitt
a little slower perhaps
but with better continuity


  1. so free again...taking cool pics!
    It must be a fun place to be....enjoy!

    breeze of lilly of the valley

  2. omg, Cafe Trieste???? HUGE deja viewing. If you get out to 22nd Ave. and Lake St. (the Richmond district), take a batphoto for me...was me sw home corner for many a year in the way-past :>]]

    Nothin like a mustang in your driveway, nothin.

  3. Mapquest:

  4. Synchronicity?...I went down this morning to Melville to pick up a piece that had been in an exhibition down there, and played tag most of the way with a beautifully restored black mustang...with a private plate that said 'Bullitt'. Now I know what it means! As a completely unrelated aside, I was wearing a colour combination I wasn't 100% sure newly mustard yellow linen skirt (thanks for the tip about aluminium foil, worked a treat), with a purple tank under a dark grey top. Walked into the foyer of the City of Melville and discovered I matched the decor perfectly, mustard and purple armchairs on dark grey carpet!

  5. I really, really like the comic strip!!

  6. Ah, San Francisco, where it's always 66 degrees.... Have you walked the labyrinth at Grace? The thing about SF is you don't have to worry about shoes, as long as there's flowers in your hair... yes? -J

  7. I always loved that car chase miss Steve McQueen.

  8. OMG! I just found somebody older than me. I tell my 4th graders that I am now 279 years old. Some of them believe me. Sometimes I fell older than that. Then I find you are 910. Way to go :-D

    I am in full agreement with the mouse.

    Love your blog - I shall return.