Thursday, 3 June 2010

tequila mockingbird?

scribbles might be a little sporadic over the next 5 weeks
as your scribe heads east over the Big Blue Pond
thought i'd leave you with this gem...


  1. I do hope each enjoyed their last swoon. A mystery indeed.
    Your title made me smile.
    Safe and adventurous travels! -J

  2. A big smile was just what I needed now! Have a safe journey.

  3. Happy flights, India!
    (Beware of mystery food and do not fall drunk out of the sky :>)
    Wishing you many pockets full of our native windfall so that inspired cloths continue to commute around the *whirled*!

  4. Safe travels. See you on the other side soon.

  5. Wishing you safe and happy whirling. Look forward to your postings.

  6. Hehe! Thanks for sharing. It reminds me of that well known documentary shot around the Nile with drunken wart hogs, elephants and monkeys. All due to the glut of fruit, quickly fermenting in the heat so that when the animals eat their fill, they also get quite drunk!

  7. i live in the land of drunk is the best when you walk through the ugly nightlife capital, the lorikeets drunk on flowers, nectar or something....pierce the night sky. You feel instantly happy and forget the scumbags drunk around you....blesss...happy wanderings...or wonderings xxx