Friday, 13 November 2009

simple but good

blogger posts into yesterdayland [when viewed from the other side of the Big Pond]
so last night was the 12th
and the celebration of the 111st

it was hot here so
we had a 'one bowl wonder'
our favourite potato salad
that derives flavours from diverse cooking cultures [Latvian/Greek/Mexican fusion cooking at its finest]

too good to not share

cook a bunch of washed potatoes in their skins by boiling them in well-salted water
[you can cube and steam them if you are in a hurry but
i think boiled tastes better]

when they're done
chop them into cubes
peeling is up to you [but there's good stuff in the skins]

and put them into a good sturdy bowl for the mixing
a big handful of coarsely chopped smoked salmon
[South Australians can get theirs in a bulk pack at Angelakis in the Central Market -
Alaskans can nip out to a river somewhere]
whatever you do
don't use that yukky stuff available in supermarket jars
put them straight on to the hot potatoes

then chop
a big handful of dill pickled cucumbers [ours are from the Barossa Farmers Market]
a smaller handful of pickled jalapeno chillies
a fair handful of capers
a couple or three spanish onions [save the lovely red skins for your dyepot!]
a clove or two of garlic
some fresh dill from the garden

generously slosh on a good deal of greek yogurt
[sour cream is better to my mind BUT my children make grumbling noises about fat content]
a few spoonsful of mayonnaise [not the sweet kind]
some horseradish
a bit of Dijon mustard
a sprinkling of nice salt [we like the pink stuff that is labelled River Murray salt but really comes out of a bore in the Back of Beyond
and a good grinding of black pepper

mix it all up [two short bamboo spoons are ideal for this]
find yourself a little bowl
from the collection on the shelf
and help yourself
oh, and
while you're at it
pour yourself a nice glass of Bird in Hand sparkling pinot noir
and tuck in

just try not to have three helpings


  1. thats almost identical to the one we had the night before, sans salmon, dill and garlic. I really love dijon, red onion, jalapeno and dill pickles *takes herself off to Barossa to get some* We had a Temple Bruer chenin blanc and a nice cool valley to accompany. Salut.

  2. Smoked salmon in potato salad, who would have ever guessed.


  3. My smoked salmon always ends up in pasta with avacado, garlic, and parsley...mmmmmm

    Have to try this potato one...


  4. with all the different sounding ingredients no wonder it is called "one bowl wonder"

  5. Ooo, I'm always looking for new & interesting ways to use salmon. My favorite fish! Thanks for this. I'll have to remember it for next summer!

  6. And if the weather is cool instead of hot, replace yogurt/mayo with an egg, mash it all together and fry in a bit of olive oil for fish cakes. :) I like the way you cook.

  7. MMmmm ..... 3 bowls full .... highly likely!

  8. Dear India, I went to The Suter (Nelson, NZ) Gallery today to have a look at the NMIT student work, and among them, Felicity, who attended a workshop by you?, had beautiful jackets, also beautifully displayed. I'll try to get some photos from her to post, or at least to send to you, if she hasn't already. They were lovely pieces, but wearable, and not just "Wearable". Cheers.

  9. thanks for this yummie birthdaymeal, xD

  10. Wow...that recipe sounds right up my alley. I must try is VERY soon. Thanks for posting it.