Sunday, 15 November 2009

allotment garden blogging bee and a give-away

dear readers
i'm off and away for a couple of days or seven
across the ditch in the land of the long white cloud shooting pix
for 'second skin'

i've been watching the little patchwork quilt
of pictures
grow in the sidebar
images of folks kind enough to stop by
from time to time

and to my astonishment there are nearly 200 of them
forming a little allotment garden
of links to friendly followers
i decided that while i'm away
will be a good time to collect a few stories
and have a blogging bee
and in the end
draw a name out of a hat
so somebody gets a present

here's the deal.

write a post on your blog about an allotment garden
real or imagined
what would you plant in yours?
what will you wear whilst tending it?
when you pause for elevenses, what will you have?

link back to this post
and tell me [via the comments] that you've posted your story
include your email [perhaps slightly disguised to confuse
the spampixies] so that i can send a pigeon
with the present [later on]

when i come back
around about the 24th of November
i shall put the names of those who joined in
into a hat
and draw one out
and that person shall receive a surprise parcel in the mail

meanwhile i shall be packing my favourite hemp dress [thank you Jo]
[but it's in a dyebath right now Martine, so will look rather different soon]

taking my new teacup
and old teapot

and pootling off for a few days


  1. Cool idea for the blog garden... have a wonderful inspiring trip. I finally got a copy of the BORO book, which I love and think is fabulous..and perhaps by the time you get back I will have some idea of how my trip to Kyoto -and the book- will affect my collage paintings.

  2. And where in our land will you be visiting???

  3. I'm not quite sure what "an allotment garden" is. Can you explain? This sounds really interesting and I love the recipe for you potato salad. Maybe when my kids get back from No. Calif. they will have some salmon with them and then I can make it. Also love the sewing machine. Awhile back I posted about my sewing machine which looks very similar to yours. My grandmother came from Bessarabia and landed here in the U.S. I don't think she had my sewing machine with her though!!

  4. just time to reply before i wander out the door

    In the UK, allotments are small parcels of land rented to individuals usually for the purpose of growing food crops. There is no set standard size but the most common plot is 10 rods, an ancient measurement equivalent to 302 square yards or 253 square metres. go here
    for more detail

    or you could post about guerilla gardening [the stealthy cultivation of flowers and vegetables on wastelands]

    for those living in San Francisco, there are those lovely stairside gardens, NY has the converted railway garden flying above headheight [neither of which are allotments]...i'll be flexible an accept whatever gardening stories

    just like the idea that by sharing them in one spot, we'll create a virtual community garden

  5. OK, my very imaginary allotment garden has been posted - it's more a rest area than a productive garden, but it suits me better, and everybody else in the allotment can come and have a break and a conversation in mine.


  6. wishing u happy journeys, our land loves you. x

  7. I'll sent you my favorit geurillagarden.....

  8. I have taken a piece of chalk, drawn a circle outside the back door. My allotment garden. When I finished my garden I posted it on my blog. Happy travels.......

  9. Enjoy yourself under the long white cloud India. Meanwhile i'm going to hatch over the allotmentgarden. Great idea.

  10. You are in my thoughts as you gather the ancestral spirits for your allotment garden. I am off to a meeting for this moment but I will spend the rest of my day brewing my own thoughts for my garden. Ki Ora to the long white cloud...New Zealand is a sacred land. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  11. India I have posted about my sometime real and often imagined garden. I have linked it to you and if you go to my blog information page you will find my email. I have to say I would dearly love to have something from you and I hope you have a lovely New Zealand trip, you have missed I hope most of the heat here.

  12. Food for thought....have a good trip.

  13. i have to say that writing that was so fun. Some space to fantasize and dream and remember. Thank you!

  14. India, have a wonderful trip full of the inspiration you are looking for. -J

  15. Hi India
    Hope you have a lovely trip. I have posted about my Allotment.

  16. what a beautiful idea! may all our gardens become one and spread across the planet.
    i have posted my garden in the wind between the stars. you have my email address if i am the lucky one to be pulled from the hat. hope the long white cloud treats you to perfect photo shoot weather, whichever kind you are looking for.

  17. What a fantastic idea this blogging bee about allotment gardens is. I enjoyed writing up a post on my blog.

    Wishing you a great trip across the ditch in the land of the long white cloud.

  18. your post was just what I needed to get me started on my new blog...

    Your book is simple wonderful...

    tricia (at)

  19. My post disappeared so i try again.
    Now i wait for your wonders on the hempdress!

  20. my story is not only about my allomentgarden, but also about its seeds, that are travelling around the world.

  21. Hope I'm not too late. I've put in a belated allotment post
    Pam. and you know my email.