Saturday, 14 March 2009


on Thursday i took flight to Melbourne for the day, to worship at the shrine of the late Rosalie Gascoigne whose views on housekeeping were entirely aligned with mine [see the link to Jo's post in the sidebar to hear and view a video interview with RG]

i'd not seen these splendidly orange works before. 
the red coat was a happy juxtaposition

later after wandering to Richmond for a splendid rummage at Kazari Warehouse and then to NGV International to stick a finger on the biggest fish-shop window in Australia i began to wander back in the direction of the skybus stop
and discovered
quite accidentally
not just a wunderkammer
i had read of this establishment many times and had it on the "to do" list but had never quite gotten around to it.
and suddenly there it was...abounding with treasures bizarre and otherwise

further down the street Melbourne had a parting treat in store on the boards surrounding a building site....this delicious palimpsest strangely reminiscent of a Tony Tuckson painting 


  1. I love Rosalie's work. I am jealous.

  2. wunderkammer!!!!!!!!!!!!!love the building sight, mysterious curiosity if ever me saw one...i'm gonnna make that.

  3. India, what wonderfull things you have seen!

  4. an upside down rainbowl filled with rose petals as an offering to your thoughtful gift of this blog

  5. a rainbowl full of rosepetals was exactly what i wanted for breakfast this morning...thank you!

  6. wasn't it wonderful! my manager and i went there after a brain fatiguing meeting (the gallery is on the way back to the office) and we were most soothed by a dose of colour and brilliance. my favourites were the earth series, the clouds and the lino landscapes