Wednesday, 11 March 2009

some pictures [ for rachelle...]

'seven sisters' work in progress for the OzAsia Festival later this year
Elsje van Keppel's delightful "spinifex stitching" viewed through a glass darkly at the Powerhouse museum

playing with blots is most satisfactory...

making caterpillar shapes is also fun

and here's a wee boiled book, drying in the sunshine...


  1. Just popped by, as i sometimes do, for inspiration x

  2. that book fascinates me...

  3. caterpillar bundle looks as if it holds many splendors inside!
    I am very excited as a place has come up in your eco print workshop and I got the spot!
    see you next Friday, looking forward to meeting you, mim :)

  4. Thank you for your visit, Dein Blog und Dein Buch
    motivieren mich sehr, endlich mal gründlich
    englisch zu lernen!
    Liebe Grüße

  5. You made not only Rachelle happy with these interesting pictures.

  6. you got the line bug me sees.....xx
    ps i get it lots

  7. These were all a visual treat!!!

  8. Seven sisters... What, do you know, is the significance of the seven sisters? They are a constellation? Why does it seem so Australian to me, that reference?
    (Do you have any answers to those questions? :-D)

    I have in my head a beautiful refrain from a song "Seven sisters led me home/In dust I carved a medicine man/in ochre from my homeland/seven sisters led me home."

    I don't know who composed the song. I just know I love it.

  9. yes indeedy..the seven sisters are a small but beautiful constellation [the Pleiades...the seven daughters of Atlas and Pleione] being chased across the sky by the hunter Orion [in Greek mythology]
    in North America they are seven sisters who have been swept up into the sky by the great spirit to protect them from bears
    and in Australian indigenous story i think the tale of chasing applies too, this time the sisters are being chased by a man of the wrong skin and they find protection by being iceforms in the sky...someone please correct me if i've got it wrong...

  10. yes that wee little book also intrigues me......a fine sampler possibility as well.....

  11. Haha, how did i miss this??? poking myself in the cheek with my tongue right now. i was reading one of ur new posts, watching 'seven' then below in a 'related post' was 'some pictures for rachelle' and i thort, hey hang, surely not. but surely yes! u know i love dresses. i've been stitching like mad, alas no fotos as these days, time just zips away with all my lads plus several extras who've made themselves quite at home in the littlest house in the world. i will soon take photos, when the creative juices get cranking but let me tell u, i'm just happy to be stitching again, poodling away in my lil corner of the world. soon, soon. and i want to have a stitch along here in wellington, if anyone is keen to join me, for since my cleo has left, i have no stitching buddies left. x