Friday, 26 December 2008

enough frivolity...back to work

the joys of Christmas are many and various...and not least is having some serious studio time away from the teaching round [much as i enjoy the latter]. i really needed to find a new direction in my textile work not only to keep the activity fresh and exciting for me but also to make sure what i'm doing still has a bit of magic...

using wool felt to bind cloth fragments from the cutting room floor and then over-dyeing the finished felt with eucalyptus, rose and prunus species  has been a happy diversion during the festive season. the pix above are detail shots from a new series 'landskins'. they've been a good while in the plotting....


  1. These are wonderful---the textures look very inviting--wish i could see and touch in person. Quite archaeological treasure looking!

  2. I like the 'title' of this post!!!
    Yes, some "serious studio time" is the path back to the self!!! away from all diversion!

    These details have magic...absolutely mysterious and stunningly beautiful.

  3. Those are gorgeous! Really. The colors and patterns...wonderful!

  4. thank you...felt is such a wonderful material and nature's colours so delightful that it's pretty hard to go wrong....

  5. Well, this looks fantastic.

    Love the use of felt and silk together, and the way that they have taken up the dye differently, my last scarf had both wool and silk in the felt and gave an interesting colour variation as well. Your leaf prints are so clear, and the colours and tones are beautiful. What wonderful work.

  6. As I scrolled down these photos, I saw light, texture, beautiful natural color, life shapes and yes, magic! I love this work.
    Mary Ann

  7. Hi India,
    Just a wee note to wish you Happy New Year & thank you for your comments on my weblog. I am constantly amazed with your work & if you ever need any specialised weaving, I'm your girl!

  8. thanks Shirley..i'll bear that in never know what may pop up in the works! and a Happy New Year to you [all] too...

  9. Hi Indai, thanks for visiting An Artists Garden (before Christmas) it is only now that I am playing catch up - and visiting my visitors!
    Happy New Year
    (Sorry i am having trouble leaving a comment - this is my 3rd attempt - so I have signed in with an old blogger account!)