Wednesday, 31 August 2016

ripples in the mindpond

clouds in sky and field
one way
another way
and one more
stars underfoot
possibly too beautiful for words

there's something particularly lovely
about being able to wander
without shoes

and also
about being in place
taking the time to be fully present
feeling the wind on my skin
listening deeply to the music of the birds and the sea 
and the grasses and the small stones
and a flower opening slowly

more and more i feel this kind of slowness and mindfulness 
is where my work is leading me

discovering years ago
that eucalypts could print vibrant colour
(it was 1991 that i found eucalyptus leafprints on an eggshell
and began to put two and two together)

put me on an extraordinary path
and the longer i walk it
the more it seems that really
in the end
it's all about paying attention to this beautiful whirled
wherever we are
and no matter what other agenda is being perpetrated

just being (t)here,
it works for me.


  1. Lovely thoughts and photos, enjoy.

  2. beautiful post .. i needed this tonight (:

  3. Finding its own right way is fulfilling.

  4. Boom, in the middle of my heart! I have thought exactly these thoughts, so beautiful put to words by you, sitting barefeet on a rock near the Danish sea - being a different woman and wandering a different pathway! <3 Anja

  5. you're right. these photos, and the final miracle one, echo your words.

  6. This FB post by Pascal Baudar made me think of you this morning: Wild plums mead/honey kvass. Found some interesting stuff during my morning walk - a wild bee hive, mugwort, tons of wild plums, fig leaves, some curry-like cudweed and a fallen willow tree...I decided to ferment my "hike" so I can drink it later on. I find it super fun and creative to create boozy concoctions with "moments in time" and whole environments. It becomes more than "a drink", it's not only full of flavors but also context, sensations, memories, smell, emotions. And no I didn't forage the raw honey, LOL! But the rest was.

    1. I thought you might like it, I am waiting for his lovely book to arrive

    2. re trace and you: what an interesting notion!

  7. I want to be in every one of those photos.