Tuesday, 9 April 2013

red work book

tucked in between the windowed envelopes
in the pile of mail that awaited my return from the West
was my Red Work Book

made on the spur of the moment
when Moleskine and Milk offered a 'special'.

now i wish i had ordered more than one copy
because it turned out beautifully
and would have been good to have on hand
as a giveaway to nice folks

next time...


  1. This does look like an exquisite red book...You continue to amaze me...have a glorious week! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. good to find a company/format that works...it's RED, YAY!

  3. Is it possible to purchase a copy?

    1. regret this is a "one-off", unless I make another one especially [i don't think they keep the design on file] and that would cost about $50 [not being a special offer] ...however i AM planning to use Milk+Moleskine to make a book [limited edition, numbered and signed] to accompany my exhibition 'back country' planned for next year
      there should be a good bit of red in that one :o)

      ...thank you for asking.

  4. truly lovely ...i have been in a red mood .

  5. Hi there ... just so you know .. the special related only to 1 copy so additional copies were at normal price ... i must have been working on my book the same time you were ! ... but i never followed through on the order because i thought i was getting a few copies at the special price :)

    i left it and went to blurb. your book is lovely ... 20 pages ? i believe though Moleskin & Milk ARE beautiful ...
    >>> Gina

  6. India,
    It is a beautiful book. I am wondering how accurate you feel the color in the printed format is to the real thing? I have been contemplating something like this in the US. :-)Pat

  7. Wonderful images, wonderful book

  8. thanks for all the friendly comments. Milk books are generally not cheap but if you calculate the cost of printing pix and then gathering them together in a useful way it does begin to make sense.

    and the colour reproduction is spot on, lovely paper stock [much nicer than blurb] so i can wholeheartedly recommend them.

  9. lovely book - can't go past a big splash of red!