Friday, 5 April 2013

from here you can see Afrika

when my chillun were small
this phrase was their indication of distance
...'from here you can see Afrika'
[usually announced from the top of the willow tree]

i've been in the Far West
where [if you eat enough carrots and can see around the curve of the earth]
that might even be true

it was a splendid few days
with a delightful fire to heat the dyes
and plenty of leaves for gathering

Jane Flower [an excellent organiser!] found me a wonderful place to stay,
organised a selection of lovely fabrics for students
[all the way from Beautiful Silks]
we were fed royally at lunch by Karen

the sunsets were fabulous
and the magpies serenaded me every morning

dashing back to Perth airport today
[after giving a talk and demonstration for the Bunbury Felters]
i stopped to fill up with petrol
weary and well content with my week
not quite as tired as this mouse


  1. Is that barbecue a half 40 gallon drum? If so I grew up with a barbecue very similar to that, my dad made it, was great, had wheels too..

    1. this one had no wheels, but a splendid flue

  2. I'm loving that fire --- and is it wrong to say I'm quite ok with the sight of a defunct mouse?

    1. after experiencing several mouse plagues during my misspent youth [and later years] i must confess didn't shed any tears either.

  3. Really wish I could have attended this week. can't wait to see all the lovely cloth your students dyed :-)

  4. should i assume the mouse is dead tired? puts a new light on how we use language--

  5. Dead tired? love the pink blobs in the sky in the top photo, reminds me ( for some reason) of Georgia O'Keefe's huge cloud painting, guess its the shape of the blobs.

  6. Hope the mouse was moved to a more comfy resting nest...... tarmac is so hard on the spine, you know.

  7. Thanks for the giggles girlsxx

  8. i think he was "filling up" on petrol

    (to go to Africa)? :)

  9. We have a phrase in our family too. When the dogs are digging in the garden we say, they are digging to Australia.