Sunday, 26 February 2012

some tidbits to share

i opened my recent copy of Textile Fibre Forum
and found something that looked familiar

the flyer for the Beautiful Silks Natural Dye Symposium
has an image of my work as background.

which was a bit of a surprise

but i reminds me to remind my readers of this splendid opportunity
to participate in workshops that all have natural dyeing as their common thread

i've signed up for a couple of classes including Velma Bolyard's shifu books
and Trace Willans' all natural mixed media workshop


while we're on the subject of workshops, my friend Pam de Groot
is keen to wander Europe
teaching her own brand of magic


and in case you hadn't noticed in the sidebar, a lovely place to investigate [and follow bountiful trails through the virtual forest] Robyn Gordon's blog


also in the sidebar, helpful reading for those who want a guide to buying fabric


last but not least
an image of a delectable patchwork piece i was shown by a friend recently

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