Monday, 27 February 2012

ohio 2012

i took these pictures in Ohio back in 2009

where i had the joy of attending one of Dorothy Caldwell's
"work in progress" classes
i had applied to attend because i wanted to be an anonymous student
in a class that would have a diversity of other textile practitioners in it

the plan was that we would study a text ['Bird by Bird' - Anne Lamott]
and that people would share their approaches to working with cloth
we talked about writing artist statements,
described how we would begin a studio day
stitched and sewed
i met some lovely folks

one of whom, Christine Mauersberger
has put together a brilliant program for me in Cleveland, Ohio
for October this year.
i'm thrilled to bits to be able to offer three classes

the timing also allows me to attend the IAPMA papermakers conference
and because i have some days off between sessions
i am also looking forward to exploring Cleveland on foot
wandering hopefully
but not

if you'd like to get in touch with Christine for more details, please drop her a comment at her blog
email her


  1. Lovely. I don't remember how I became linked to your blog, I'm not a textile artist -- but I'm so grateful I did!

  2. I am thrilled that we've been able to coordinate having you come here to Cleveland. It's going to be a wonderful visit. October is my favorite time of year in Cleveland. The leaves are at peak fall color. Anyone reading this may feel free to email me directly for more information

  3. What is the event/location that you'll be teaching at? I'd love to take a class.

    1. thanks for asking, Jennifer.
      if you click on the grey text "brilliant program" it will take you to Christine's blog, where the details are expanded.

  4. A big congrats first -- 3 sessions! Wow! I have read that book Bird by Bird which is a great book and I have taught a workshop in Cleveland. You will love it there.

  5. It all sounds wonderful....Dorothy Caldwell's class as well as your brilliant program.

    1. just to describing the program i meant 'brilliant' in the sense of what Christine has put together and organised for me, but now i look at how i wrote that i'm feeling a bit squirmy. wasn't at all meaning it in the "oh look at me" sense!

  6. poking my nose into one of Dorothy's classes at TAFTA a coulope years back, the energy was delightful and earnest.

    One day I will be there too.

    1. actually, grrl+dog, you could be closer than you think....i think there may be a couple of places left in a class Dorothy is giving in Brisbane in May [2,3,4,5]
      details here

  7. the brilliant program link is not working

    1. the post it was linked to seems to have been nibbled away...i've added a general link to Christine at the foot of my post, so if anyone needs more information they can swing by hers and leave a comment. i'm pretty sure she'll respond!