Thursday, 16 February 2012

the Day of the Phoenix

today is a kind of birthday for me
29 years ago i emerged somewhat sooty but otherwise unharmed
along with a shell-shocked German Shepherd [the canine variety, not the other sort]
from the 1983 bushfires

and while i certainly don't need to find excuses to celebrate being alive
[nor am i fishing for any sympathy, believe me!]
i do subscribe to the German saying "Man muss die Feste feiern, wie sie fallen"
which more or less translates as
"you have to celebrate the festivals as they come"
or more plainly
"any excuse for a party"

so it was a lovely "birthday" present to find myself mentioned on Donna Watson's lovely blog

thank you.

in turn i will give a kind of present...

my erstwhile student and now friend Trace Willans has plans to travel to Europe in May/June. i had vaguely thought i might pootle over in July but as she's going first and is very keen to put together a teaching tour
i thought i'd mention it here

swing over to her blog [where she rightly labels herself as a Self-Reliant Artist]
to see what she does
and leave her a message in the comments to set things in motion


  1. escaping from the fires must have been harrowing; so glad of your rebirth. good news for trace! and donna's post was quite fine.

  2. I cannot imagine surviving those bushfires...I think you should celebrated every day!!!!!!!!! BLESSINGS, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  3. We are so fortunate you made it! You shall tell me this in detail over a glass, in time, please!

  4. I remember watching the ash wednesday fires - can't imagine how dreadful it would have been up close and personal.... yes indeedy every day is a day for celebration (ps on a brighter note - I'm getting to 'know' trace via a booky project we are both involved in - BookArtObject..... her way with natural/green art materials is so inspiring)

  5. oh India does that mean you may be coming to Britain in July.....????????xxxxx


    Surely enjoy this beautiful book