Friday, 17 February 2012


i am pondering completing the trilogy
[which would give me something in common with Tolkien
beyond the writing on my wrist]
and because i think i have some things yet to say

while i have an abundance of ideas
sprouting as marks on pages
errant files lurking in the laptop
and drawings on envelopes

i would like to hear from you
especially those who have been kind enough to read my other offerings

what would you like to read about?

the comment box awaits your pearls...or if you wish please write to me via here
[thanking you in advance for taking the time and trouble and no hard feelings if you think i have written enough already - feel free to say so, i'm wearing my Big Girl Pants today ]


  1. Your books are a feast for my eyes and my mind. No doubt, a 3rd would be like the food-of-the-gods for any reader. Go for it, your audience awaits. (apologies for not having a specific idea that I want to read about).

  2. I have eco colour but have been saving my $$$ to buy the next one. I love your insight and when I have a question I can go to the written words to guide me in a dilemma. I think you are writing already go for it!!! Blessings, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  3. ah...yes..yes..yes do it!
    place onto page
    the ripples
    behind your eyes that bring
    a turn to your lips and a
    nod of your head... tell us
    those things
    with a bit of cloth
    and a twig and a cut of thread.

  4. I'd love to see more plant-based craft/art project ideas. I teach environmental education to kids and they LOVED egg decorating with onion skins and coloring icing with marigolds, etc. If your book had a section on kid friendly natural dye/plant based art/textile projects I'd buy it in a second. I always love using raw plant materials for environmental ed projects vs. tissue paper, tacky glue and pipe cleaners.

  5. I have Eco Colour but was not aware of Second Skin, I would like to see more of your dyeing on cotton and similar plant based fabrics.

  6. I am just coming out of a 4 month obsession with your books and writings, as a hopeless crafter- some different graded projects to do with your earthy style... much like the felting book I saw your name on... but much more India flint like.
    but I would buy anything now with your signature attached.

  7. please keep writing - I truly love your exhibition work and don't often get a chance to see it "in the flesh"..maybe a segment on your extensive creative garments...even if just to gaze on and drool - not necessarily a how to book at all....part of the charm of your writing for me is the total visual experience of holding books with all those wonderful photos, backgrounds. You have had such a wealth of wonderful creative expressions since I first met you - just keep on growing, evolving, sharing ( your poems too:) xx Gin

  8. i would love to see you write a book about your wanderings and the art you have made along the way - a memoir

  9. I agree with Laurie. A book about your wanderings and your art. I'd love to see more of what you do with all the wonderful cloth you dye.

  10. as christine said, mapping. maybe traveling tales that map a world.

  11. I have the good fortune to own both your books and think they are like a magic doorway to a whole world that exists through your wonderful worldview. I love the projects and the pictures but the stories about your travels are mesmerizing. Tell us about anything as long as it is your passion and let us see it through your eyes. Yes, please write at least one more.

  12. As everyone has said before, your books are a feast for the eyes. I would love to follow a few pieces of cloth from their arrival in you hands, their wrapping, waiting, unbundling, creating. Sort of a India's Fairy Tales of Cloth. :)

  13. I too own both your books and go back tp them again and again. Mapping sounds like a good idea, making marks, but really anything you want to write will find its way through my doors. So sorry I couldnt do the river thing but my aches and pains didnt think it was a good idea, and I forgot ( is age catching up at last!) to go to your talk which I had every intention of doing, I think perhaps too much bubbly at lunch to celebrate our anniversary.

  14. I treasure both of the other books, and think you could easily blend your travels with the ways you work with the natural world in those new destinations to create works of art.

  15. I have only recently found your work and I too am loving it. I would be thrilled to know that there is more good stuff to come. That being said, I would also like to see an interior design side to your art, I have been thinking a lot about that with regard to textiles for sofas, curtains, rugs. I imagine that could be amazing.

  16. Cool idea, Laurie. A memoir. With anecdotes and insights. And pics! :-)

    (I'd love to see what's been/being done in other places with their unique waters and plants.)

    It might turn out to be a combination of Eco Colour and Second Skin...

    But ultimately, I think you'll 'feel' what you need and want to share, and your book will evolve.
    And of course, we'll all love it.

  17. Loved the idea of a book of your wanderings India and the ideas and work that have emerged form the journey...
    That really resonates as something special...not surprised many said so...
    That said...
    what comes after trilogy?
    I see more books happening across the years .... sounds great to me!

  18. I own both of your previous books and love them, refer to them often for inspiration and instruction. I'd like to read about your proces and travels as well. I find you quite eloquent on your blog. I'm also interested in the combination of your dye work with stitching (clothing, etc.). Just more of your work (and your words) would be wonderful.

  19. Your books are so inspiring to me that I would buy any book I think. But you don't want to hear that probably.

    I agree with Petrena. Do what is the most important to you to share. What would you tell a student about life as an artist. How do you deside on your next projects and travels, do you have a plan? In what way you can afford these travels. How do you make things easier on yourself, what are the funny things that makes you smile. What makes you sad or very angry. I think you have such an inspiring life that is so different from mine (I live in a small village in the Netherlands) and that makes it even interesting how you buy or bake your bread. It would be great If there was a (film)documentary too!

    After writing all this I'm afraid I've turned into an annoying fan that wants to live with you for a while.

  20. I'm new to eco print & dyeing, accidentally found you in FB. Then ordered your Second Skin. Now already read over word by word. You said Eucalyptus is wonderful, luckily I can have windfall leaves though not much fresh. I can still do experiments. The Eco Colour is on the way. Can't wait to hold it. Surely I will be hooked nights and days for doing experiments. I couldn't agree more with your advocates of recycling, repurpose.

  21. Long after Eco Colour i thought there could'nt be anything better. Then Second Skin came and now i think the same but i'm sure you will surprise me.

  22. I am dreaming of a "living" book that would tie together sustainable living, beautiful textiles (perhaps more about felting and quilting), and food (maybe Violette could co-write) This would be a perfect ending of the trilogy.

    Then I would also love for you to do a memoir and/or travel log. And then there is the work of fiction you have alluded to... You have much talent and I think whatever you decide to do will be magical. XO.

  23. Oh my, such good suggestions. But I'm thinking the seed of the 3rd book is resting quietly within you, almost ready to sprout and these suggestions will shine a bit of nourishing light onto it. Everything you do holds the essence of grace and elegance and rugged beauty ...

    Just the idea of #3 lurking on the horizon has me salivating.

  24. Id say your well placed to write an eco travelogue...with your dry wit and flora spotting skills - but am sure whatever you select.........we'll happily buy!

  25. hmmmmm...... this is a tough one.....

    I'd love to see/read/savour something that spoke about growing dye plants and fibres (esp for aussies - as many dye plants appear to be environmental weeds in ozland)...

    As I'm all fingers and thumbs when it comes to sewing clothing - I'd love to read more about making your own
    and I'd lurve to see/read all about your amazing textile creations and projects (so inspiring).....

    hmmmmmm.... I'd love to read of your journeys (as I make so few... I live vicariously through others!)

    what I liked most about 'eco colour' and 'second skin' is the weaving of fascinating personal tales and delish pics along with great info - so they are little bundles of delight - I'm sure that whatever subject took your fancy for book number 3 would be equally fabulishous

  26. both of your books are wonderful inspiration, idea sources and beautiful. personally, i'd love a book of more beautiful images and stories of your work and world. professionally - i work with elementary kids, and anything (projects, stories) that would help to connect them to the earth (they loved bundling last fall) would be welcome. thanks.

  27. and I would love for whatever it is to include more on eco blue jxx

  28. I have both your books India and love reading everything you write or print and love your images.. I love everything everyone has go for it please Indiaxxx Lynda

  29. perhaps it ain't a trilogy
    a sisterhood
    of books

  30. As soon as I read this post tonight I thought "Eco Wanderings" and then, saw that thought confirmed in all the other comments. Not just travel wanderings, but wandering of thoughts too... perhaps your writings/poetry with images of your work and places worked. In many ways, very similar to your blog posts.

    Good luck with completing your trilogy!

    :-) Pam

  31. i think there's a good idea here with the eco wandering/travelogue idea. i love the local flavor of your travels and what gets dyed during the travels. it influences what windfalls i pick up to dye with on my walks.

  32. You know what I think, BUT the travel mapping is a must. What makes each if the many and varied destinations you have reached unique and worthy of our attention. You have a way of winkling out the most extraordinary beauty from the simplest of offerings.

  33. :) a lot has been already written, I too would like to read more about your dyeing, things you have discovered since the Eco Dyeing has been published.

  34. I now have both your books - I just gave myself Second Skin as a late Christmas gift. I find both books both visually and intellectually stimulating so a third book would be welcomed - whenever you get around it.

  35. You may want to consider inviting your daughter to co-author, or feature some of her work in your third book. It would be a way to invite the younger generation to become more interested and involved in these activities that you have emphasized in today's times.

    My daughter's generation is embracing canning of food, extended recycling, repurposing, etc.

  36. anything you have to say will probably be of interest.

  37. India, your books are treasures.

    The photographs and the passion for ecology that rings through every photograph make them page turners.

    You are very talented.
    I have been very inspired by you to use the local plants I find here in Northern Ontario, and to keep an open mind and heart.

    Best of luck.

  38. Dear India,
    Both 'eco-colour' and 'second skin' are brilliant and inspiring
    and many thanks are due to you for writing them
    I like the sound of a living book with recepies for cooking and color,
    (Violette would be a lovely co-author)
    and a travel-oge, and honestly I am looking forward to more of
    your pictures filled with lovelines and
    anecdotes both clever and quriky
    and anything you would publish.
    I would however would also appreciate muchly
    if you could add more tips about foraging
    for I find it sometimes difficult and confusing
    to tell some plants apart and wonder at
    how and when best to make use of them.

    Best of luck!


  39. Indi, I think ur documentary worthy. Ur interesting, right down to ur vegie yohgurt salad for breakfast! Something that captures u poodling around in ur studio, cats about ur feet, daughter floating around in the background, bundles being wrapped and unwrapped, musing, drawing, walking, stone collecting, felting, farming, writing. Its all fascinating. I saw a great one recently on an old Latvian woman who makes masks. It was rather poetic.

    U've got a library in you. I love people so I like anything that celebrates people and combined with making, that's heavenly. You've had the fortune to meet some of the current best textile artists in our world at this time. You've also met some quaint unseen people too.

    You have piles of photos. Even a photographic journal would be wonderful. I cannot get enough of pearly buttons, skeins of silk thread, dyed fabric, handstitching, even now. More, more, more please.

    Ur a treasure. Looking forward to all you do.


  40. I love both your books and have been inspired by them to experiment with many local plants and with eco printing on cottons and linens (which I wear more than silk or wool in our climate). I would love to read about how you approach these fibres.

    There are lots of apporaches you use which you could write more about if you wanted to: zero waste cutting and design, eco blues, land felts. This may not be what you want to do of course, but I'd love to read about them.

    I think that to create a book it needs to be a pleasure for the writer, and for the reader so much of the pleasure is in visiting with another unique mind. Looking forward to the book/s to come! Mary from Adelaide (sadly in Melbourne during riverstitch)

  41. “Kannst du nicht allen gefallen durch deine Tat und dein Kunstwerk, mach’ es wenigen recht; vielen gefallen ist schlimm,” (Schiller).

    then again: mir w├╝rde gefallen: Felting, the process you use to make the clothes you wear - drafting a pattern, sewing a dress, or that amazing coat you showed us, a visual dictionary with submissions from your former students showing the beautiful colours from their local goodies, your wonderful mental meanderings. How to stay on the path with self confidence and self assurance such as you possess. Following your dream - shots of your studio, your farm. Funny stories that have happened to you on your wanderings.

    Updates to what you have learned since Eco Colour... so much