Thursday, 23 June 2011

of fieldwork and flowers

it's surprising how many bundles can be packed into one pot...

here in St Louis
some people are finding delight in the colour to be obtained from pavement weeds
others have different needs


before class this morning
a visit was paid to flower alley
amidst racks of roses
embankments of eucalyptus
and piles of paeonies

we discover Bob Baisch

who generously showered us with flowers
[and quite a lot of leaves]


  1. mmmm a flower shower - I could handle that!

  2. heaven on earth and a generous angel as well - bliss xx

  3. that cooker certainly does hold a lot..the bottomless pot! great to there are guardian angels all around the world. Will be interesting to see what the pavement weeds/flowers turn up? As my grandmother always told me.."weeds are just flowers in someones "wrong" place".
    thanks for sharing India.
    ps...heard your voice on a video the other..very nice to put voice to face. lovely voice by the way.

  4. wow, those flowers. and the bundles, dark and murky, they promise, though.

  5. I would like to be in a flower shower as well...and in St. Louis- once again it looks like you are having a wonderful workshop experience.

  6. Such a wealth of colors in one place. Just beautiful!