Wednesday, 22 June 2011

meet me in St Louis

i was in the woods

and now i'm in St Louis

perched in a room overlooking the old Union Station

the evening light here is beautiful

the architecture is amazing

there are some things they prefer you not to do

and interesting things underfoot

squirrels scamper in the parks and fireflies dance in the twilight.

in our class we have students from all over the US gathering at Craft Alliance for four days of dyeing and stitching.

oddly i was so busy with them today that i completely forgot to take photos...


ps. a few people kindly made notes about the exhibition of my work at the Katherine Nash Gallery [showing until the end of June]

here are some links

Wen Redmond

Deidre Adams

Lesley Turner

and the latter also put up some nice images of the Minneapolis windfall cloth


  1. lovely images of very beautiful work and a wonderful honouring of your path and process ...
    congratulations indiana

  2. wow! I love it...fairie dresses hanging in space on sticks..Beautiful work India, just lovely. I so want to wear one x