Friday, 4 March 2011


every now and then it's necessary to strain out a few lumps
especially if you want to apply a liquid to something
through an atomiser squirty thingy.
lumpy bits make it clog up

i may have mentioned this before somewhere
but today's effort involved a new sock
different jar
there may just be someone out there
desperate to strain something
and not wishing to sully the tea-strainer

besides, i was having fun with the pix
and with 'nevercam'

you need [besides a lumpy liquid]
a jar
a sock
[preferably one whose mate has gone to Jesus]
you can simply rinse it and put it back on your foot if you wish
[the sock, not the jar]


jar with sock at left

sock has wormed its way into jar

sock smoothed over jar [with toe hanging down
inside] and a nice dam for pouring in the liquid
oops, should have darned it while it was
nicely stretched

gently squeeze out the sock to harvest as much liquid as possible
in the event you wish to return the sock to its former condition,
turn it inside out, give a good shake and rinse


  1. Thanks for the tip. I usually use a strainer dedicated to mess, and put a piece of thin cotton cloth for lining to capture the fine stuff. After several strainings, my cloth is dyed also and can be used. I like the sock idea. It captures the mess and leaves only the liquid. I also make herbal tinctures, and this would be a good idea for that. Usually the herbs are finer than dye materials.

  2. Fascinating. Your work is seductive!

  3. what a crack up India - I've heard of a number of things you can do with a sock, but this is fun. Looking forward to Melbourne 2012 - what an occasion that will be.

  4. socks are useful for so much, even keeping feet warm! i like this idea. never do have pantyhose (which is what i've heard recommended before).

  5. hmmm - socks and glass jars - thank you xx

  6. for finer particles i'd say choose a thicker sock
    "explorer" brand should get the microbits out

    and yes, melbourne 2o12 should be splendid fun
    suspect it may be a gathering of the clan in more ways than one!

  7. funny... thanks for the giggle - just what the doctor ordered this morning! xo

  8. funny? zis is ze serious bizniss!!!

  9. I used the pantyhose-method to get rid of the many small pits inside my raspberry-jam...lots of dyeing material remains as I know now :)))
    would never ever through them away again!!

  10. gosh this so so complicated, thanks for the detailed instructions, ha! i love you.

  11. and also.... imagine if you used silk or wool and the liquid that you strained was kind of hot and you left the whole lot sitting for a bit... hmmmm ;0) now, THAT'S serious bizness!!!! xo

  12. silk or wool socks that is....

  13. That is SO cool!
    And useful too