Thursday, 3 March 2011

for open hearts and kind hands

some more quick news about how to help the folks in the Canterbury region
Phillipa of Christchurch is organising the making of snuggle dolls
find her here

the tireless Kaite [who must have fingertips of steel] is still making quilts
now extending her reach from flooded Queensland to shaken Christchurch
find her here

my skinsister Rachelle has been so busy gathering food and goods and probably cold wet babies off the beach too [sorry, girl joke here, you had to be there] that she hasn't had time to write anything here lately

and there's still time to put your name in the hat [or score the blanket for the biggest donation]

1 comment:

  1. Hi India Thanks heaps for mentioning me in your blog. Another wonderful caring person in cyberland.
    An update is that the dolls now have their own site.

    Regards and heaps of Snuggles.