Saturday, 29 January 2011

trimming away the bits that don't look like elephant

you know what they say
if you want to make a sculpture of an elephant
get a lump of rock
and trim away all the bits that don't look like elephant

am trying to apply similar principles to making this dress
began with a rectangle about 12 metres x 5.5metres

[unlike Julian Roberts, who works with tubes to make his extraordinary subtraction cut garments] 

used subtraction cutting principles to create two bodices
didn't cut away much cloth
only the neck holes
and some tear-drop shaped "corner turning bits"

so the first try-on
was a bit like standing in the middle of a spinnaker
with your head through a hole
shaping has begun
tucking and stitching as opposed to cutting too much away
bringing shape to the flat cloth

not 12 metres long anymore [now nearer to 9]
but it still takes up most of the sewing room
a bit like that scene from Black Books
where they "cover everything with an Indian Throw"

fortunately the whole thing
tucks neatly into a tidy bag


  1. oooooooooooooooo i like the mystery of this dress unfolding as its tucked and pleated into being Indie. Ur good at these seductive makes. I'm beguiled already but you know me. I'm easy. ;)

  2. And Ahhhhhhhh the magic of imagination. Will undoubtedly will have the grace of a sail when unfurled from it's bag.

  3. These photos provided a flashback to a long ago project in my living room with a recycled parachute. The goal was to cut it into pieces and make light diffusers & tents (for photography) but I was completely unaware of just how LARGE a parachute was and how it would totally devour the room. Can't imagine turning this amount of fabric into one ****dress****


  4. what i want is to see a dancer(s) create whatever magic with this dress.

  5. Ah black books....I hope your dress turns out better than bernards restaurant....Bill Bailey is amazing As will be the frock.
    It is definately a FROCK with that much fabric.

  6. This made me your blogxxlynda