Monday, 31 January 2011

heat playing tricks with my mind

sometimes it's nice to wander back through the calendar
to have a look at where i was
at this time last year
pix above reveal moments in Denmark
finding a lovely orange wall in Copenhagen
that beautifully matched an ecoprint wool dress
and of course
lovely blue cool shadows
shot in the park not far from that wall
i'm rummaging in cool climate photos
it's warm here in South Australia
about 47 C
those of you who work in F
can calculate just how hot that is using the following formula
where C is the temperature in Celsius and
[surprise] F the equivalent in Farenheit

F = ( 28 + {[347 x C] + 278} x 512 ) divided by 2

oh and of course add 32 to account for the different freezing point.

pour yourself a nice cold cup of gin
and enjoy


  1. Sizzling weather you are having!! We'v been lucky with cooler weather so far. Glorious orange wall and ecoprint!

  2. As my brain trickles out of my ears, your magic formula is dancing an underwater jig before my eyes. . . wish it would stand still for long enough so I could find out what Far & hot is all about . . .

  3. Lovely wall matching...Oh the heat.....we are melting here.....too hot to cook....just put bundles in pots in the sun to boil...

  4. We are always in opposite temperatures- cold gin for you and hot tea for me here in this cold cloudy gray climate-- or maybe hot gin!

  5. Box up some of that heat and send it to the midwest/St. Louis area to melt what is about to come. A triple whammy of freezing rain (starting midnight tonight, ice storm tomorrow with 1/2" or more accumulation, and then a snow storm of heavy wet snow up to 12" on top of the ice followed by high winds and very cold temperatures is predicted. With the ice and wind comes downed power lines so am not looking forward to this. Heat. Need heat!
    BTW--nice new layout for blog.

  6. Really like your new format here...

  7. That is such a complicated formula! What about double the temp in c and add 30? Still hot which ever way you look at it.

  8. Dividing by 2 sounds great........23,5 for you and 23,5 for me!

  9. You were in Denmark last year?! - Buggar! Hope you'll come back another time - I'd love to dye with you :)

  10. As l was brought up in heat but now live in UK..heat sounds wonderful..but you can still pass me the gin even thoiugh in this cold..tea would be better!!!!xxenjoyx
    Yes it is good to look back and remind yourself what you have done over the last year.lyndaxx
    oh your new outlay on the blog and thank you for showing again that gorgeous orange wool dress...l dream of itx

  11. Enjoy that HOT weather and have a cup of gin for those of us in Alberta Canada who woke up to a chilling -31C this morning!

  12. thanks for swinging by folks
    and for the kind thoughts

  13. getting an elephant into a bag in 47 degree is not my idea of fun - no wonder you are revisiting your cool wanderings j xx