Thursday, 25 November 2010

a note to the Prime Minister

Dear Prime Minister Gillard

Even though I think a carbon tax is silly because frankly, carbon isn't the only pollutant, simply an easy name to spell, I'd happily pay a carbon tax
if that money is used to fund new forms of employment for forestry workers
for example
exchanging the chainsaw for a shovel and a packet of seeds
if your government is going to continue to mine and sell coal
while taxing the masses
then count me

Indiana Flint


  1. phworrrrrrr you tell it to 'em sista!

  2. wonder if you would get a reply..
    no, wonder if I would get a reply if I would write our government with some basic thoughts on their new laws and regulations and cuts..
    maybe they never thought about it too properly I sometimes wonder, otherwise they would figure it out themselves that it really, non of it, makes any sense..

    If you get a reply, do tell us about it India. If its a good reply followed by a good action I could maybe move to your end of the world?

  3. so wise, so wise. I love your tags for this post. XO.

  4. Hear! Hear! My father, who lives in the midst of the big new coal fields in SE Qld was telling me some disturbing stuff only the other day.

  5. great!!!!

    Here they want to start a new's so not thinking through
    not looking futher than your nose is long!

  6. Thank you India,

    I would put it even stronger,
    every polititian should be forced to listen to their own propaganda as bedtime story............

    and instead of having their own payrise as usual, they should pay us for all the things they get wrong..........

    and......... having local elections at the moment:
    how many trees could have been saved with all this mail from the candidates, plus the postage we pay for anyway...........

  7. I asked Susan if she would care to expand on her comment, here's what she sent...

    "Well, apart from any mining activity ruining top quality farmland, there are concerns that the new method of injecting chemicals into the coal seam to break up the coal and extract the gas will poison the artesian water and the surrounding land. I know from the paper that one small community will simply disappear because the coal company has bought everyone out so they can mine directly underneath the houses. Not everyone was happy to go and I think there is one person who refuses to sell. Ironically, a group of the local farmers got a government grant to invest in renewable energy as part of the 'Low Carbon Diet' initiative. "

    thanks Susan, for the enlightenment.

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  9. A government will do what ever it can to gain more votes... People in general are selfish and want everything NOW. So governments Mine coal & sell our assets to make money NOW, not thinking of the future. SA government is selling the States forestry assets which will be used in carbon sinks and sent to China. We can grow fabulous Pine in the South East... great for housing. why not leave the natural forest alone, employ our own and plant more trees to harvest. The money from the sale will go to Adelaide to build infastructure and we will loose thousands of jobs. Unfortunately it is the country who will miss out again and the city [where the numbers are] will be kept happy to vote for the government... Politics is now all about Popularity, not about good governance... Sorry India I will step down from my soap box now

    28 November 2010 2:31 PM

  10. don't apologize Shazz, delighted to have your contribution

  11. well said India ...those tags are great!