Wednesday, 24 November 2010

ask and you shall receive

i asked my friend Marion at Beautiful Silks
whether it might be possible to have my favourite stitching thread
silk+cotton #5
not only thinner
but supplied on cones so i could feed it into the overlocker. 
sewing with 100%silk is lovely, but the seams have not much give
- and with the prospect of two sets of dances costumes looming in 2011
"give" is a most attractive quality -
a lovely parcel arrived last week

and it even does this

in other news
i am boiling bundles in preparation for an "opening"
for the Fairliving Festival
at Federation Square, Melbourne

that dark blot at front left is the ever-helpful Martha
if you look closely you can make out some
household wisdom
and here are some more paeonies
a reward for reading to the end of the page

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  1. i think your "messy" house is totally worth it. by that standard, perhaps, my house indicates more than sloth.
    wish i could unwrap those bundles.

  2. I am looking around me and thinking I must be far from dull.

  3. I feel like I've just eaten a bunnykins meal..

  4. I totally agree with that houshold wisdom ...........

  5. Thanks for the paeonies...such beautiful flowers.

    Love that domestic wisdom, I have that on my fridge!

    Looking forward to the exhibition at Federation Square, will keep an eye out.

    Jacky xox

  6. Yes one of the most lovely things my mother taught me, which has saved my sanity in times of chaos...All women should be taught the same wisdom.