Friday, 16 July 2010

what lies beneath

i'm back in the season where day comes late
and night falls early
keeping watch on the sofa in the wee small hours
with my now very frail best friend
between pats she sleeps
head on my knee, wrapped in an old padded kimono
and while she sleeps i wander virtually

found news of an exhibition worth sharing

Substrate, Structure, Surface - Leonie Andrews

click on the link to read the review written by Julie Ryder


  1. Dear ones they are - their little heartbeats are so in tune with our own, and visa versa. It's difficult to say whose heart leads and whose follows.

  2. ...sometimes when my dawg breathes I feel like we are taking the same breath. Your fur girl must be finding much comfort in your presence.

    The exhibition review was excellent - ms. Andrews is walking a very interesting path...

  3. no doubt your frail one is also

    wandering in spirit...

  4. Dogs are fantastic at keeping secrets and giving love,
    Our best friend was taken from us...we miss Doug the Jack russell so much, neighbours nasty dog killed him... Doug was naughty wondering up there to visit the GIRLS...'it' will draw them farther than a bull can roar

  5. india, i am thinking of you there with her by your side. here i am by the ocean's side, making paper, looking at petroglyphs, and thinking of you and the dear one. hug.