Friday, 16 July 2010

thanks Leslie

thanks to Leslie Avon Miller
i've discovered the highly entertaining John Medina

there are more reasons than one for taking Walks in the Woods...


  1. I love John Medina! We went to an all day workshop with him this month at the beautiful campus of Seattle Pacific University. The audience was filled with business people (Microsoft and Boeing)and teachers/educators. John is trying to get his message to business and education. People learn and perform the least well in cubicals and in typical classrooms.
    We can pay attention for 10 minutes, and then we need a story or something that evokes emotion to tie it in. We need to get up and move all day long. We learn and problem solve best right after exercise. We need to vary our tasks. We need to use our creativity.
    I'm reading his book Brain Rules now. The new book he is writing will be out this fall. His subject matter is how babies learn. For instance between 6 months and 12 months babies are open to all language sounds. That shuts down at age 12 months. And when do we teach language in schools?
    I better quit. I could go on and on! You might like his book.

  2. i've had a jolly good rummage through youtube and the Brain Rules site and yes indeedy, his book is on my 'git list' [to quote the inimitable Lucy from Peanuts]

  3. Excellent! I'm off for a walk around the house before latching onto the computer screen again.

  4. Thanks-- I enjoyed the video-- quick, entertaining to get the simple message across-- exercise more!