Friday, 14 May 2010

kawandi and another kat

it's been another extraordinary week here in Central Bumble
various treasures arrived
some by post
others along the interhighway
the image above is of a Kawandi quilt, specific to the Siddi of India
i found it in Art Found Out
and through those pages followed the bread crumbs
go on, be brave, click the mystery link

the traditional post brought
quite unexpectedly but at intervals
Other Things

a parcel with a John Wolseley catalogue [Patagonia to Tasmania]
and a delightful collection of buttons
an egg brooch [it's in the picture above], a pair of earrings
a wee folded envelope [just like those here]
from my very nice friend at Soewnearth

and then Imbi
she who shines way up North
sent me an exquisite hand bound book
made by Michael O'Brien of Oamaru
[that pink flower peeping near the top of the pic is part of it]

and if you're wondering what the horse-y shape is
lower down in the image
i piled my treasures on to another book
[only momentarily for the happy snap]
sent me in a care package
by my kindly editor at Murdoch Books
don't they know i'm supposed to be writing?
not losing myself in other people's magic?
[steam riseth from the keyboard]
shall have to be disciplined and save it

such abundance!
Willow [also known as Mrs Poo]
and pictured below
is not at all impressed
very satisfied at having booted Sam out of his bowl


  1. How utterly delightful...!
    all these wonderful places you've shared.
    its a treasure trove this post Indi!

  2. seems the universe is looking after you....
    jolly GRAND to be so often in others' thoughts

    and it's not even your birthday!
    [ i think ]


  3. yes, it isn't, which makes it all the more surprising!!

  4. treats in the mail are always appreciated ...yours are especially nice...loved the links! The tapestry is very different from other Indian ones have seen. The African influence is bold.

  5. delicious abundance! i loved listening to your binder's video, i'll bet that book is a winner! your collage of goodies--so likle this week has been here. hard work and abundant.

  6. Sam is really a cutie. That quilt you've made is awesome. I love the colors and textures of your work.
    -Solar panel installation