Friday, 14 May 2010

cold Very cold

you may wonder
what a cat is doing in a bowl
it's cold
the bowl keeps the draft out

when you're sitting in front of the fire

when not full of cat
it is also useful for
dyeing scraps of velvet


  1. Oh that velvet is lovely indeed. Kitty too. Purr, purr.

  2. I swear there are eyes looking back from that fire. The cat in the cauldron sees them too.
    Gorgeous velvet!

  3. my cat will get into any sort of container or box- even ones too small for her.. and I love the earthy colors in the velvet

  4. very intelligent cat! your colourways for the velvet is beautiful -- never worked with velvet, just silks wrapped on poles and such. must give it a whirl!

  5. Back in time for a cat post
    honouring the sleek and trotting ones
    Thinking of you

  6. Such a gorgeous shot. Brings happy memories for me. Like Donna's, my last cat used to get herself snug into all sorts of tight fit boxes and bowls. She used to get in my students violin cases while we were playing music.

  7. i was honoured by another red cat once
    the traveling kind
    who came and stayed with us for a while
    he always sat in the saxophone case while i practiced
    sadly he wandered off again while i was away teaching
    missed the sax, i guess
    even though he was being fed

  8. LOVE the graphic quality of that piece!
    such strong lines

  9. that cat is so cute and that scarf so beautiful, I wonder what the cat is thinking staring into the fire?

  10. This has made my day, both the curled up velvet and the dyed one :)

  11. Your cat is defying the cold - your velvet defies description. May be a sensible cat, but that cloth made some miraculous decisions :>]

  12. That's a beautiful piece, as a wall hanging I envision it?
    Cute kitty. :)

  13. actually it's a scarf...and now available from Aspects Gallery, Kings Park , Perth

  14. It seems like that bowl is pretty useful. The cat is so adorable. He looks comfy inside the bowl he must have liked it so much.
    -Household removals Australia

  15. It is a cat's best trick

    I had one that would lie in the fruit bowl.