Tuesday, 24 November 2009

down in the allotments

thank you everybody who participated in this virtual garden by adding your delightful stories, photos and drawings to the compost pile. Embellisher threw in some embroidery, Martine has little friends dancing in hers.
Kelly waxed lyrical and had the good sense to mention the indispensable gin as well as a platter of some of my favourite nosh.
Assayya has made her contribution in Dutch [but there's a cute translate button for those in need], Tricia grows dye plants in her patch, Stitch1Peta dreams of wandering to Tasmania
Cleo has posted pictures of her lovely garden and plans for gardens to come and of a bumble bee
[i love bumble bees]
Petrus paints his gentle magic in richly coloured splendour
Penny has drawn us a tidy plan and Pam has waxed poetical

and i'm just delighted that the home-bodies managed to keep our little patch in good spirits despite the 43*C heat.
the picture up top shows it as i like it best, in the early spring mist
a little scruffy
the best place in the whirled to wander into of a morning
barefoot on the dew-pearled grass
cup of tea in hand [vanilla scented with a big dollop of wandoo honey and a gloop of nice creamy milk]
or at sunset
with a beaker of Bombay Sapphire, slosh of tonic and wedge of lime
and of course [in the words of Gershwin] lots of tinkle

these are the allotments at the edge of lovely Lier in Belgium
where in the early morning i espied a pheasant
doing the rounds

oh, and the lucky dip winner is Petrus!
now i'll have to think of an appropriate offering...


  1. Oh lucky me, it was a pleasure to partake and to be motivated to look into my veggie garden inspired by someone other then myself.......

  2. Oooooh, I am so sorry to have missed this allotment bee...I would have loved to participate! Maybe there will be a next time? Very fun to click through all the links to see what everyone posted - a grand idea, a sweet bit of unity for the blogging community.

  3. A lovely idea and wonderful to look through all the different interpretations. Although I missed joining in, I think in my IDEAL garden (mine's a rather untidy work in progress) I would wear the hat that I rather coincidently wrote a post about yesterday! And the odd G&T doesn't go amiss either, on a hot summer afternoon!