Monday, 6 July 2009

colder than a polar bear's nose

it's absolutely freezing here - a pleasant change from steamy Ohio - reminding me of the words of Mark Twain [aka Samuel Langhorne Clements] when he memorably said that one of the coldest winters he ever spent was a summer in San Francisco

outside in the [nearly] full moon the magpies are warbling just to keep warm

but in here my feet are lovely and toasty, thanks to my delightful friend Jo whose parcel arrived today all the way from Nelson NZ

inside the parcel were a pair of absolutely gorgeous hand-knitted socks in exactly my hoof size.

i suspect they may be staying on overnight...


  1. aahhh... you can't get better than a good pair of socks!... there is something hugely soothing about them, particularly hand knitted!

  2. and the carpet is great too!

  3. Stumbled onto your blog bec. you have my fav
    Not all who wander are lost.
    Thanks for sharing. Your blog was like a mini
    vacation for me.


  4. hehehe, toasty toes. now all you need is a cup of choc chilli tea doll. I can't believe it gets that cold. I always picture you living in the desert, lol. I am obviously a bit ignorant to the reality that is Adelaide.

  5. I take it you're back home? So funny how "we" think that the calendar and weather are fixed entities. My summer in West Africa changed that perception for me.

  6. fortunately "the reality that is Adelaide" is about an hour and a half away depending on how encumbered the road is by tourists-with-caravans

    South Australia is so much more than Adelaide....and the bit i live in is a good deal colder and far less populated
    our nearest neighbour is about half a mile up the hill

    which is a good thing

  7. oh - those are some of my favorite things
    handknit socks feel the best
    the love keeps the toes warmer, I'm thinking

  8. There is nothing I can add about socks so therefore I will put a sock in it.....