Friday, 10 April 2009

into the wild, again

on Friday i'll be lugging my elephant to the airport again. i call it the elephant because it's big and grey, mostly cooperative but occasionally recalcitrant. 

"it" is the wheeled behemoth that carries the accoutrements of the wandering alchemist. sometimes i dream of times past when i travelled with a small rucksack. it's not clothes taking up space, but the small cauldron, the samples and the reference books alongside the waterfilter [that saves me buying bottled water], the sturdy footwear required when dealing with pots of hot stuff and my travel blanket [a woolly comforter dyed with leaves from the farm]

this time it's Tumut, a place i haven't been to for eons...and the journey there will be slightly more adventurous than simply being transported in the flying sardine tin. i'll fly into the nation's capital and sally bravely forth in a hired chariot

being independently mobile gives me ample opportunity to gather windfalls and weeds along the way and to stop for walks into forests and contemplative moments by rivers

they tell me there are still one or two places left in this workshop. 

so if anyone out there has nothing much planned for the 18th&19th April and feels like dyeing sliver in aromatic eucalyptus baths, making a small but intricately patterned felt rug and hearing the alchemist tell stories...

please contact Cheryl [one of the kindly organisers] via



  1. Aww, I sure wish I lived in your neck of the woods. I love your work, and your dyeing methods seem so mysterious; it'd be interesting and fun to take one of your workshops. Ever think about coming out to the Pacific Northwest (of the USA)?

  2. it's an area i have a fondness for and haven't visited for some while...i'll start dreaming...