Friday, 3 April 2009

April not-quite-in-Paris

it seems the London workshop planned for April 25th & 26th has filled...and although i had planned just to take a very long walk while waiting in UK for the other business on which i'm travelling to sort itself ...

there is now talk of a possible workshop in Belgium.

if there's any chance you live there [or in a neighbouring country!] and would be interested in taking part in an Eco Colour workshop on Wednesday 29th & Thursday 30th April please let me know - i'm still wrestling with the mathematics at present and it's necessary to have at least 10 people to cover costs...

mail[at]indiaflint[dot]com     will reach me

it's ridiculously short notice i know, but worth a try...


  1. Hi India:

    So glad we found each other:) What beautiful "fabric" you create. (Hope that is the correct terminology, or is it textile?) I just visited your website, and I want to come live there:) I will email you so be on the lookout.

    Enjoy the day.


  2. hey Nancy,
    fabric/cloth/textile...all much the same thing! glad you like the website - i enjoyed yours too!

  3. Just wanted to say thankyou India for your help with the wool dyeing. I managed to get my pieces ready for the exhibit just in time! Will see you in Warrnambool!

  4. tha's all right me dear, happy to help anytime!

  5. Workshop in London - wow, I was so hoping to get there. The wonderful Sue Pearl sent me details. Won't make it this time - do pass this way again! I have little packages of leaves, flowers and other bits garnered in India this February, wrapped in newspaper. Now to try and make little bundles of colour!

  6. as always, a pleasure to visit your blog and all the lovely hues it holds :)

  7. I'm so happy to meet you in Lier.
    Enjoy eastern.

  8. Exquisite piece of fabric on this post, India. I loved the story about the gent from Mali.

  9. it's such a pitty a cannot attending this great opportunity for your workshop. I mean 5 hours driving from our holiday is really over the top - than I'am almost home again... Nevertheless I will/have send your email to others I know. But I guess your workshop will be full soon. Hope to see you next year, xDorie