Monday, 16 March 2009

nature or nurture....

late last year i was approached to become a mentor 
initially i said no, i didn't think i could find time to adequately fill such a role
but the asker persisted
and so i relented
and now a star rises - not of my making, i hasten to add

Imbi didn't really need a mentor at all
and knows exactly what she is doing
making beautiful work 
that sings like a small bird anticipating dawn
visit two worlds to see for yourselves 


  1. Hi India,
    You must have ESP. I had just come from Imbi's blog. What amazing work.

    Good to see you had a great day in Melbourne, the Gasgoigne exhibition is spectacular, isnt it.


  2. she really is a good student of you, I think she can fly alone!
    hug from holland

  3. yes Teresa me dear it was utterly mindblowing,,. and more amazing still was that i bumped into a very dear friend there, quite by accident
    ..who had come p from the coast for the day
    the whirled moves in mysterious ways

  4. I especialy like her description of the species India.

  5. Imbi and Indi what a team.....

    When we reach a certain part of our creative work/journey it is natural that we become mentors, directly or indirectly

  6. I have just been to Imbi's site and viewed her work. Far out. She's gone places and done amazing things with a bit of cloth, needle, thread and some plant bits. I am lying in sick bed with a crook back and sore throat but my heart just soared when I saw dear Imbi's efforts. It felt quite spiritual actually. O wait til you see what I picked up at Newtown Fair in an obscure $2 box - old Afghan textiles that are the most exquisite handsewn textiles I ever seen. Am gonna try and post photos tonight. Big loves to you and Ma and sprogs. Me littlest sprog is looking huge and is the happiest bubbliest little thing. Ok, enough. Me loves India and Imbi-ahhh.

  7. whizzing over to your pages right nooo for a squiz...have a plot to be back in Aotearoa next March [ as well as the Nelson plot this year]...need to keep an eye on my favourite fellow Saggittarian...

  8. Such a beautiful slice of photograph, India... not unlike your dyed fabrics...

    and I can certainly see the influence at two worlds... this girl has tons of talent... Thanks for introducing her...

  9. u better come by, i will personally take you on tours of old haunts and a few new ones. we can fill a suitcase or two with treasures. Knuckles will be so happy to see his Aunty India.

  10. Such a beautiful site. She is indeed an artist! I hope I will meet up with you at Warrnambool in May India, but I'm hoping to pick your brain a little earlier. I'm working on a piece for an Ethical Fashion exhibtion in Sydney and have been trying to dye some fleece some deep browns. I've posted some pics on my site. Can you help?

  11. thanks Gwen.

    wandered over to Pam's site...think the problem there is that she's trying to dye everything in the one pot and wool needs warmth and time to take colour while organza just sucks it out of the bath like a hungry vampire

    and Rachelle...if i'm in your town i'll be swinging by, you can count on that!