Thursday, 26 March 2009

handle with care

these beautiful hands belong to Humna Mustafa with whom i will be exhibiting in Following Threads, an exhibition being curated by Maggie Fletcher for the Adelaide Festival Centre Artspace [to be shown during the OzAsia Festival September - November 2009

Humna draws exquisite designs on hands [and also on silk] with henna. during the recent Womadelaide music festival the queues of people waiting to have their hands adorned apparently snaked off into the sunset. 

small wonder. 

visit her pages to see more of her work...


  1. My daughter has a friend from India who showed her how to henna paint. That hand in the picture took a loooooong time to do. Gorgeous.

  2. Exquisitely deliciously delicate, everything is there in the palm of her hand

  3. India, what a wonderful post...I got very excited by those hands.
    I too was a Mehndi artist and ran a weekly market for years! I still practice this sacred art occasionally...I love it.
    I will look forward to visiting Humna's site...

  4. Hi India,
    Ah, this henna is gorgeous!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I've spent a bit of time rambling around yours this morning. The *name* of your blog is absolutely perfect - I will most definitely be back.
    Take care :-)

  5. Always when I stop by your site, I feel a sense of letting go, a relaxation.Designing hands, a mystery and a delight.

  6. Stunning designs! I love this photograph.

  7. yumyumyumyumyumyumyumyumyumyuyum.....mmmm... so many loverly things in your beautiful world!..cheers for sharing!

  8. No good for me - I'd just be sitting staring at my wonderful hands in amazement all day!! Love the workshop photos too.

  9. Like the hands on project, both delicate and exquisite