Tuesday, 31 March 2009

the fabric of society

i have terrible trouble with bookshops. somehow books attach themselves to me like magnets and beg to come home. this delightful book leapt at me recently in that mecca for booklovers, Kinokuniya in Sydney.

Annette Gero has collected exquisite images of all sorts of quilts i never knew existed along with photographs of the makers and stories about the making.
another source that's recently come to my attention is the International Quilt Study Centre and Museum.  located in far distant Nebraska this museum can be browsed over a cup of tea via the internet.

well worth a visit... 


  1. I'm thinking this book might have attached itself to me too had i seen it in a bookshop! it looks fabulous - sigh :)

  2. I'll browse, only I'll take coffee instead of tea.
    have a nice day

  3. My comment is in relation to the WORKSHOP AT THE CEDARS picture.
    glorious results, AND doesn't the rural scene look just like a Hans Heysen painting? -wasn't he wonderful!

  4. Keeping such exquisite secrets from your mother?... not fair at all.

  5. the extraordinary thing about Hans Heysen was that he [in addition to being a brilliant painter of light and landscape] was also passionate about the eucalypts and would pay the estimated milled price of the timber in order to save a big tree from being chopped.
    we have him to thank for the big remnant trees in the Hahndorf region of the Mount Lofty Ranges

    and Ma, ain't no secret at all...just swing on by...

  6. India x
    I am so looking forward to being taught your eco dyeing techniques in London.
    Feel so lucky. Thank-you.

  7. am delighted you will be extracting yourself from the whirled of cats and coming to play in London
    what fun!
    looking forward to meeting you in the real whirled...

  8. It just looks so good doesn't it? Books fling themselves at me too. How can one ignore a book in need of a good home.