Monday, 6 October 2008

red blanket wagga

for those of you who won't make it to Geelong, Victoria in the next few months, here's a picture of my eucalyptus-dyed wagga (click on that word for elucidation) presently hanging there at the National Wool Museum.

and here's the statement that sits next to it on the wall...

not all those who wander are lost - in the forest a body sleeps camouflaged in treeshadow, woolwrapped in a leafstained wagga; enfolded, hidden, warm and secure

materials : salvaged wool cloth, silk and wool stitching, eucalyptus dyes 


  1. What an amazing textile. so beautiful. I especially adore the colors. I would love to get the book eco color, but I cannot find it in Canada. I think I can order it from a bookstore in Australia but it is quite expensive to buy it and have it shipped here...I might still do it....just to experience those fabulous organic colors that I see in your wagga.

  2. Thanks India I've learnt something new today - wagga quilts.Very interesting.

  3. I've been planning to get to the Wool Quilt exhibition - now I have an even greater incentive. I love the colours in this. It never ceases to amaze me the colours that nature itself has to offer!!

  4. sadly Eco Colour hasn't yet been published on your side of the pond, oh Raining Sheep. I'm trying to encourage my publisher to do so, as so many people have been contributing to Australia Post's profits by ordering from down-under

    keeping my fingers crossed, and when it DOES happen, i'll be trumpetting from the house-top

  5. India this is so beautiful, can't take my eyes of it. Wagga its called? Learnt something new today. Thank you.
    This is eucalyptus dyed? I'm allready hording dried leaves from the flowershop.
    I've been promised the book by november.

  6. Exquisite colors, and such a natural process...

  7. Beautiful work, I can only imagine how it must look and feel in real life and up close...

  8. Oh India, it is amazing. It feels like home.

  9. Fabulous colours and wonderful sympathetic design. Love your book and can't wait to get started on some projects, the begonia flowers are already in the freezer :-)

  10. This is very beautiful India :)
    Sending you warm wishes from Scotland

  11. Hi India
    still learning how to post comments
    Love the Wagga - am an absolute convert to natural dyes since discovering them over two years ago on a felting course.
    Is that a Banjo Patterson quote? if so where from?
    Kind Regards Alison

  12. which quote are you referring to? the bit in the pinky ochre on the actual blogpost wandered into print out of the mists and shadows of my twisted mind...

  13. Hello India

    Just found your blog, not sure how, was just resting my back and exploring the felt, one place leads to another then another and before you know it you don't really know how you got there. Anyway, I have been reading your blog for the past half your and love it, its a beautiful place to visit. I hope you don't mind if I come back some time.

    I would have loved to attend Geelong but have not been well. Maybe next time. It was great to see some photos.

    Ordered your book about a month ago, it should arrive next week they tell me. Cant wait to get my hands on it.

    Have a wonderful time travelling, and make sure you bring back lots of stories for us all.