Sunday, 19 July 2020

last post

dear friends,

thank you for hanging in here...this looks like being the last post, simply because Blogger is making it impossible for me to answer your comments, or to comment here myself.

from hereon, the best place to find me will likely be Instagram.

it was fun while it lasted.




  1. How strange that Blogger is misbehaving for you. I will miss you here. Instagram is good, but lacks the story telling element which is possible with words as well

  2. Me too. I'll miss you. When blogger gets wonky, I report to them and usually the problem is fixed in a day or so.

    1. you would think, given the amount it is used, they could make it a bit more reliable!
      Stay safe and healthy in these strange times India, both you and yours

  3. well that's weird....I had written a nicely considered comment and when I hit the return button in order to space put the paragraphs , blogger decided to publish a bunch of x's instead. If anyone can suggest a contact at Blogger who will actually answer and address the problem I would be grateful ...because I'd really like to be able to reply to folks individually...

  4. I have found that you cannot respond to cpomentsvas reply on an individual basis as well. Which is annoying